AFT ATPL(A) Theory Course – Feb/Mar/Apr with Nathan Higgins. Public. · Hosted by Advanced Flight Theory. Interested. AFT ATPL(A) Theory Course – Jul/Aug with Nathan Higgins. Public. · Hosted by Advanced Flight Theory. Interested. AFT ATPL(A) Theory Course – May/June with Nathan Higgins. Public. · Hosted by Advanced Flight Theory. Interested.

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There may be 2 or 3 highlited pages in it but otherwise its brand new, never really used it. More links will be added below in the coming weeks. After you submit your answer to a question, you will get your result and a fully worked solution with detailed explanation of the calculation involved, to ensure you fully understand the process. We are well aware that many students would like to study the easier course material on their own, and concentrate on the more difficult subjects in class.

The fee structure is based around the length of the examination subject as this determines the amount of computer time used to deliver the subject. Lake Macquarie Area Rathmines. For some pilots the only alternative is to complete the course via Distance Learning. Advanced Flight Theory provides our students with the most innovative training attpl available.

Condition Used 3 New 3. Candidates may choose to sit any number of papers at any particular sitting and be credited with a pass in each examination separately. Pickup or post at buyers expense.

There is a few highligthed pages and most pages have not even been touched. The fees are shown in the table below. You will apl unable to book an examination unless afh meet this requirement.

Cairns City Bentley Park.

I already had a copy when I was given this by my Flight School. With this in mind we have taken every possible step to minimise the course duration and related costs. With unlimited practice on new questions, you will become fully prepared for any calculation on the topic that CASA presents to you! The choice is always yours! ATPL A theory study will never be easy, however we are confident that with the right attitude and commitment you will be able to achieve this important qualification.


At Advanced Flight Theory, we are very proud of our great reputation for providing the very best service possible to all of our students. Brisbane South East Bulimba.

This may be reviewed at a later date. One of the most limiting factors when doing ATPL study is your time. We continue to make every effort to ensure our course is the most practical and comprehensive available.

Save you’re self some cash by buying second hand. With literally millions of combinations of question data possible, our students can spend as long as they like on a topic and can do as many unique examples of each type of question as they want, without any danger of just learning the answer to set questions.

We are often asked how we achieve such good results in this short time frame. If you would like to contact us with any enquiries regarding our courses or products, please click the Contact button on the top menu.

We offer the only one stop shop for all of your theory requirements. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. You can call Nathan at any time — even after hours on It should be very encouraging for you to know that with the right approach and commitment, success at first attempt is definitely achievable. I think that the price I have these b. We are constantly updating our course notes, revision tests and Practice CyberExams so we can guarantee attpl will receive the most practical and comprehensive theory instruction possible.

If you have any questions regarding availability, accommodation, etc please give us a call on When all subjects atf been passed, a candidate is awarded a pass in the ATPL examination.


Supplies can be purchased on arrival, or by phone or internet order and dispatched to you at any time. For specific questions regarding course content and format, our ATPL A course instructor Nathan Higginswill be very pleased to assist. Contact Brett Adamson for further details or to place an order. Not only do many pilots require assistance to revise their Commercial Pilot theory, they also need to have the new concepts in ATPL A presented in an easy to understand format.

Clearing the bookshelf, the following textbooks are Brand New and never touched.

Schedule | Advanced Flight Theory

Price Type Fixed Price 4 Negotiable 5. You can be assured that no problem is too big or too small avt us to handle with expertise. Our full-time course format takes this into account. I have finished the exams that I would require these for so afr they are up for grabs.

If necessary, you may also resit all or any part of the course more than once, subject to some simple conditions.

AFT ATPL(A) Theory Course – Feb/Mar/Apr 2017 with Nathan Higgins

If you have any questions regarding availability, accommodation, etc please give us a call on It is with confidence that we can say our courses are comprehensive in content, but as short in duration as possible. It is brand new and has never been used. You must ensure you fully understand Candidate Responsibilities and you have the required Pre-requisite Qualifications before you book an exam. This volume has been specially prepared to meet the requirements of professional pilots — whether they are flying singl.

Pine Rivers Area Eatons Hill.