Girl of Nightmares. Anna Dressed in Blood Series (Volume 2) Kendare Blake Tor/ Forge. This follow-up to Anna Dressed in Blood follows Cas and his new. Parents need to know that Anna Dressed in Blood is the start to a horror series by Kendare Blake (Three Dark Crowns) with a movie in the works produced by. ellathebookworm: ‘I absolutely loved Anna Dressed In Blood, although I did have to have another book to read in the evenings, because – trust.

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Theseus Cassio Cas is our main character in this novel and he’s awesome! Cas doesn’t spare us the awful sight of the victims he encounters. Stalking Jack the Ripper.

I don’t know, maybe that’s what passes for romance in Canada these days. I didn’t even really have anything to compare this to, because I haven’t read very many ghost books and have never watched any kind of t.

Apart from the pants-shitting terror, there is Cas to deal with.

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake – review

That bit… you know, that bit. Nothing is black and white in Anna’s story: To his credit, I guess he really is. I loves me an unconventional love story.


I felt left alone!

Anna Dressed in Blood Book Review

Anna and Cas are two of my favorite characters I’ve read about this year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. Also, you look after kejdare mum.

Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything for me. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave you with this: Cas is one of the best young male protagonists I think I’ve ever come across.

D hide spoiler ]but black witches, white witches, people trapped in walls, Voodoo, athames, ghost hunting, cursed objects, a strong male protagonist and unexpected developments made me very happy that I decided to read this book. It was just a great ghost story about people that got the short end of the stick in real life!

What’s not to love? Anna Dressed in Blood regurgitated similar feelings in me but without the embarassing, teenage self-consciousness that always followed. I can’t think of one.

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) by Kendare Blake

But he also doesn’t stay there more than necessary. The only thing not as much a surprise as Blake may have hoped: What might be right for you, may not be right for some. Two of these teens are found dead, ripped apart with blood everywhere; one is killed by a parent; one is ripped in half by a ghost. They kind of had similar vibes. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Well, let me start by saying: I did a little piece of fanart for my dear Anna.


Mainly, I just felt bored. Theseus Cassio Lowood Cas is a ghost hunter just like his father. I think he’s realistic, flawed and the way he lives made him into the person he is now. I mean, whatever dreesed to predictability?

What other horror books have you read before? One scene, right at the beginning, even gave me nightmares. Yeah, she murders people.