Berlie Doherty is an English novelist, playwright, children’s author and poet. Writer of Street Child and Dear Nobody. Details: Article/page. DEAR NOBODY by Berlie Doherty, winner of the Carnegie Medal, is the moving story of two teenagers and an unplanned pregnancy. It is one. Dear Nobody has ratings and reviews. The moving and very real story of two teenagers and an unplanned pregnancy. It is told from two viewpoints.

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Dear Nobody is a realistic young-adult novel by Berlie Dohertypublished by Hamilton in They spend some days together with Chris. Du bist unser Retter. The ending was satisfying, no plot twists, just a good closure.

Helen and Chris are the main characters in the book. Chris is bewildered, and feels bereft. Helen doesn’t know how her life should go on and some days later Helen has a failed suicide.

She is very happy about the result and she wants to tell it Chris. He loves his two children very much and he tries to help them wherever he can.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Trivia About Dear Nobody. English – Discussion dohrety Essays.

Dear Nobody

That made me disappointed. Garton tells him that he mustn’t get in touch with Helen any longer.

Its not a thrilling book. He has never had the chance to visit a Music college. Du hast mir das Leben gerettet!!!!!!!!!!!.

Books by Berlie Doherty. Chris is very happy that Helen has decided to keep the baby.

“Dear Nobody” by Berlie Doherty. Summary and Characterisation

The publishing website GRIN. As for the topic of teenage pregnancy, I thought it was very well handled in this book. When the exams are over Helen closes up with Chris.

Set in the northern England city of Sheffieldit features an unplanned teenage pregnancy and tells the story of its effect on the teenagers and their families. So why the three star rating I hear you ask? It is a present from Helen.

Berlie Doherty – Dear Nobody

Helen and Chris are together, they are both seventeen and living in Sheffield. Shortly afterwards Helen begins to fear she is pregnant. Please, please, go away. She was searching more for a Father than for a husband. Danke ,dass ud sowas in netz gestellt hast! I have read daer stories in my time but I read this story when I berie having a really down day and it made my sadness increase further. The framing sequence is set in autumn as Chris is on the verge of leaving for Newcastle University.


Dear Nobody by Berlie Doherty

One month later he gets a reply from his mother named Joan. The book is also about the problems of growing up, about kids, who have to make future plans and decide what they want to do with their life.

Young adult realist novel. Skolarbeten Recensioner Dear nobody – Berlie Doherty. All I can say is wow. Here is a link to a very informative blog on Dear Nobody.