First published in , In Watermelon Sugar was Richard Brautigan’s third published novel and, according to Newton Smith, “a parable for survival in the 20th. Jun 14, Every Tuesday on we take a look at books and authors from mainstream literary fiction that contain aspects of science fiction, fantasy. Complete summary of Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of In Watermelon Sugar.

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Brautigan judges his utopian commune and finds it wanting, and the “curious lack of emotion” is the very reason for the negative judgment.

What were her choices if Charley had not assigned her to cooking and she had no children after nine years or more? He knows about everything there is.

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If you are thinking about something that happened a long time ago: All of the strawberries were eaten at breakfast, and again as for the hot cakes: How does that sound?

She gave me a great big helping of stew. But Brautigan has a singular ability to tell a complete and compelling story through a series of small passages, which all on suvar own are extremely beautiful. Originally called Amazing Dope Tales.

In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan

So he cut off his thumb, unevenly because he was so drunk. They think that his style is casual and offhand, but in vogue, creating a certain charm watermeloon these youthful readers.

She made me promise. In any case, inBoil and his “gang” live in a place called The Forgotten Works, which contains a variety of old machinery and objects which are mysterious to all the characters who live near iDeath. They’re always very nice to me. Like Brautigan’s other novels, this one is written in very short sections, so that a single consecutive activity.

They were in the shape of human shadows. Braktigan thought it was a rather nice fish. That was twenty years ago, though it seems like it was only yesterday: The sequence begins on a Saturday about four months “ago” with signs of trouble between the narrator and Margaret If you are thinking about something that happened a long time ago; Somebody asked you a question and you did not know the answer.


It’s a little as if Hemingway had stopped worrying about his masculinity, being a simple anecdotal watermelonn around memories and rural America. View all 10 comments.

In Watermelon Sugar

Margaret ate like a horse. But it’s always struck me as a meditation on wategmelon art of the possible. We were like sisters. The scene is too simple to contain so much meaning for the narrator. Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the s and s whose comic genius and iconoclastic vision of American life caught the imagination of young people everywhere.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen,” I said. This is just a thing we have to do. Reports on a study undertaken by the authors which finds choices by teenage sutar “not quite as appalling as we had first thought. It is sometimes necessary to go beyond what is said in In Watermelon Sugar and concentrate on what is not said, for that is where the statement seems to lie.

The sugar used is golden and blue. His is a most entrancing kind of pop writing, the prettiest of wallpapers for that great nursery by the Pacific. What kind of joke is this?

Sometimes I stand for hours at a single place, without hardly moving. Completely free from the dead Margaret, he has Pauline, the new Eve who is totally integrated into nature. But considering the peacefulness and security that the people enjoy, boredom can’t be much of a problem Leavitt The tigers and how they lived and how beautiful they were and how they died and how they talked to me while they ate my parents, and how I talked back to them and how they stopped eating my parents, though it did not help my parents any, nothing could help them by then, and we talked for a long time and one of the tigers helped me with my arithmetic, then they told me to go away while they finished eating my parents, and I went away.


This novel was started May 13, in a house in Bolinas, California, and was finished July 19, in the front room at Beaver Street, San Francisco, California.

I was supposed to meet Fred for lunch at the cafe in town. In the opposite camp is Neil Schmitz, who labels In Watermelon Sugar a pastoral myth with all its objectives in fiction: Here we are out in the sort of visionary territory the French surrealist Henri Michaux delighted in: All the people stood back and just as Charley was getting ready to set fire to the shack where the bodies were, Margaret came waltzing out of the Forgotten Works.

That certainly was a good dinner, Pauline.

In Watermelon Sugar: Richard Brautigan: : Books

Anyone who lives in the Northwest and enjoys beat poetry with hippie undercurrents should take a big juicy bite out of In Watermelon Sugar–don’t even bother spitting out the seeds, they’re good too, and who knows what might grow in your tummy. They were the Tomb Crew. There is much playing dumb with the reader:. We call everything a river here.

He looked warermelon it and passed it on to the other children. Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: Was it my fault for loving you? I walked along the aqueduct for a while and then just stood there motionless for a long time where the aqueduct crosses the river by the Statue vrautigan Mirrors. It is, on the other hand, being however playful and linguistically experimental, a literature of desire, a desire to offer an alternative vision of reality to one which seems to be corrupted and manipulated by modern culture, media as well as modes of behavior.