See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. Introduction Before I start the FAQ / Walkthrough, I need to set a few things straight Brave Fencer Musashiden is an Action/RPG by my favorite game Company. Brave Fencer Musashi Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 25 videos by newfiebangaa (). Title, Duration, Date. #01 – The.

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As you enter this maze, you’ll be presented with a series of moving platforms that you have to ride to reach the exit.

Brave Fencer Musashi – Walkthrough

She’ll say that her father goes to the restaurant every night for dinner, but the owner of the restaurant has dissappeared. Activate the Water Crest here, and you’ll see that yet another scroll has been revealed. This valuable piece of armor allows you to perform a double jump by jumping once, then pressing the jump button again in mid-air.

Keep on hitting the crystal, while still avoiding his other attacks. He was in the intro! Your helpers will congratulate you, and return to the castle. I do suggest you let gravity do the hard part, and just sort of jump your way back down to Hotelo instead of following the path.

Once you’ve stepped on all four tiles, the tower will raise out of the water. The town is back to normal, and if you weren’t able to rescue Tim, Hilda’s Grocery is now back in business. It’s main method of attack is to float around the room, dropping easily dodged fireballs at you. Walk forward, melt the two sets of ice spikes with the fire scroll, then turn and walk out onto the ledge overlooking a huge glacier.


Follow the dark paths until you reach the first teleporter room note: This Crest is special, wallkthrough that walkthrouhg will only activate between 7: You’ll see several protruding horizontal spikes here.

There is a boulder blocking the way to the treasure chest, so knock it down with your new scroll, and it will fall in the spike pit below. When you make it to the other side of the slope, grab the chest for RedCloth, then go across the next slope, and into the door.

Brave Fencer Musashi FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

Use Assimilated skills, cancel choices in most menus Start: Really, though, it’s not too hard to handle. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the outcome is the same. Plus, it does nothing for Fusion’s range.

All items found in treasure chests except store items and Dran need to be appraised before you know what they truly are, so keep this and bring it back to the pawn shop back at the village. Once you’ve gotten the Steel skill, go back to the spike room and plow through them.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Are all stats at level 30? Walthrough you head up, you’ll see an entrance along the path. In one of the two fan rooms of the old mines; trust me, you cannot possibly miss it. Steamwood is what powers Allucaneet Kingdom, and qalkthrough it’s not shut off soon, it may explode! In the next area, there are some poles sticking up out of a bed of spikes. You should land on a platform with a Minku.

This room has a very simple puzzle in it. And if you’re ever bored, you can just load the game up and go wreak havoc in Somnolent Forest for an hour or so. I blew it up with two Grenades, but your results may vary. Walk up to the musasbi and it will open, only to reveal, not fncer Vambee leader, but rather Mannick himself standing over treasure chest! Now look for a door on the lower right corner of the maze.


It reduces his Tiredness rating, as do the items by the same name. Push the left block right one space, up three spaces, and left one space.

Walkthroughs for Brave Fencer Musashi

A timer for 24 Hours 24 Minutes, actually appears in the corner and you’re on your way The 2nd and 3rd ones, however, both match the clues Be sure to grab the RedCloth from the chest here, and then enter the next area. Dark Lumina seperates into 5 clones, and they all charge at you. The first one has a Minku on it, the second one has a Bincho Field containing the somewhat useless Chief Gravie, and the last one has a box with an OldGlove.

You have to attack it’s black panel, which is quite tricky. He’s off to the left of the entrance to the old mines. Watch his movements, and try not to be under him when he lands. Now would be a good time to check out Somnolent Forest which the other southerly path in the village leads to.

It can be tough, but take it slow and time your jumps, and you’ll easily make it across.