Cadkey in as a trainer for CADL and wrote the first CADKEY Tutor, an interactive on-line tutorial that guides the user through 2D and 3D design and layout. Some are CADKEY-specific, but all work well with CAD KEY in a design! . The tutorial approach used in this manual helps new users get up to speed quickly at . Specifically designed for first-time CADKEY users with little or no experience. Practical, easy-to-follow exercises introduce the basic tools used in CADKEY 98, .

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While we will help you get started tutlrial are not equipped at this price to teach you 3D CAD from scratch or engineering design. You could go back at any time tutoorial I have found this to be the best self-tutorial method for learning 3D CAD. Many of the trainees were from Boeing. Thanks again for all your help!! I saw the writing on the wall and rented an office in Redmond, just down the street from Microsoft. I’m running Win 7 on a 64 bit system with 8Gigs of ram, Quad core 2 proc.

It was a board job. But the high end systems were moving to the PC.

CADKEY Tutorial-Wireframe

I quickly jumped disciplines. They soon got rid of one of the Catia seats. The training offered will on-line or special classes from the company or community colleges. We would have seminars that filled up large banquet rooms.

Download the free reader from Adobe. You may be able to down load a 30 day trial. That is the only place where productivity is paramount. Save the drawing as b. Where Autocad was designed for the Architect that basically design from point to point.


CADKEY Tutorial – Creating a Blank Drawing File

I have found a few that do use these techniques and wonder why they are so much faster with their work. If you are new to design this can also introduce you tutlrial different ways of design. It ran on a PC. I convinced management to do a test project. There are very few 3D CAD dealers that will even give you support.

I recently upgraded to a Quad core 2 pc running Windows 7. We would have a one week class every month with anywhere from 10 to 20 students.

acdkey Today we design directly with 3D and the documentation is on the end of the process. To add the attribute go to the a: Maybe when you get back you can try to duplicate what’s happening. My family had just moved to our new house on Bainbridge Island and I was looking to get back home. They are the reason why no company would have unlicensed 3D CAD software on the premises. Solidworks increased in popularity, mostly based tutrial their lack of copy protection.

There used to be a drafting door for design.

Many suffered and are still suffering with Autocad, which I consider the tutoriaal concept of an electronic drawing package that could have ever been conceived. But things changed in Sadly, Autocad was basically free, not having copy protection and many took advantage of it, until Autodesk started cracking down.

The process seemed painfully slow. The time now is We are talking an increase of 10X in productivity and more. Remember, this was the first 3D CAD available for these designers. Sounds like a Video Card issue.


CADKEY Tutorial – Integrating a drawing with a titleblock

The Autocad dealers are still around and still have the facilities to offer on-site training with large franchises carrying the load. We still created drawings utilizing the graphics from the 3D model and had to print them. When moving the cursor it disappears in this area and reappears as the pointer when it exits the drawing area. Here is a quote from an associate on Linkedin that describes what is happening in engineering clearly:.

Computervision had text or dig pad input.

CADKEY Tutorial-Blank Drawing

Streamlined Sketching and Feature Based Modeling. I have an old pentium based laptop that I’ve been using for years to draw, program, and post process files for my Bostomatic I enjoy doing this training with a good self-tutorial manual, presenting the basics and being there for questions.

After this tutorial, design your own CadKey plane and build balsa or foam models. But there was this old fellow telling us about his experience.

First and foremost we have to realize all of the 3D CAD students in the beginning were engineering professionals. CADKEY was much different than Autocad, besides being 3D, it was mechanical engineering based, designed for those experienced designing on the drafting board where we would slide triangles, parallel bars, drafting machines.

Advanced 3d with cool Viewports.