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Playing a doubles game is already tricky enough because you will never know what is coming next, but the strategy is key.

Carrom board tricks to win every round of the game! – Dazzling News

All about their intimate friendship. If you flick your boafd with not enough force, the piece it hits will not have sufficient momentum to travel to the pocket. Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: Small things that can make a man love you forever. Side shot Side shot csrrom a trick that can be used to hit your coin into a pocket or your competitor’s coins out of the way. A post shared by tim laven timinphuket on Oct 22, at 4: Teamwork at its best!

Click on NEXT page to read the rest of the article! Incredible Tips Family Tests Published What do you think?

Faces of celebrities seen very close up and without Photoshop. How to get your guy emotionally attached to you! Choose file to upload.


What happens to our bodies when we stop drinking! Don’t forget to share this article shofs all your friends and family and feel free to leave a Like on our Facebook page! A post shared by Sushreeta Sahu sushreeta on Oct 19, at No matter which method you choose, two things are important: People always say men fall for what they see so if it is not Target the coin which can hit another coin boad reach the pocket in a straight line path.

This is a great trick if you are playing a doubles game. Start with a clear board. Check your e-mail and click confirmation link to reset your password Ok.

Remember to not use this trick too often making the strategy obvious to the other players. I agree with terms and conditions. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Before a game, try practicing with the exercises on the NEXT page!

Carrom board tricks to win every round of the game!

To judge if you are flicking the striker with the right force, try this exercise. As with all other games, the element of competition creeps in. Make sure your striking finger is as close as you can to the striker, touching it if possible. Join to our community! Make sure they know what the rule is so that in a normal game it will apply.


The next time you gather around the board with your friends and family, you might want to keep these cwrrom in mind to make them think you are a pro!

After continuously playing, the shot on the NEXT page will help! However, if you are the loser all the time, then you lose interest in the game.

Hit the striker ahead and as it goes by the coin, it will push the coin in the opposite direction of the side that was hit.