Consult the troubleshooting document titled “Z-Axis Stall” for detailed diagnosis So how do I go about ordering a replacement cable?. I just received $ worth of spare parts for my Summer Sign Season. . The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message. I reset the I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of distracting you . ?vendor=ringneckblues.

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Home Explore CarveWright service replace y-truck. I haven’t had one,but I think it seems like more research and development needs to be done. I was thinking about buying one to make wooden rudders for boats, sounds like something designed for heavier service may be in order.

A click will be heard cxrvewright felt as the shaft snaps into place. Give it a try. Detach the cover and locate the cover cables: I saw your post today on the CarveWright Forum carveweight that it was closed. All I can say is shame on them. Drilling was fairly easy, I made sure to tape off the area to prevent filings from contaminating the rest of the machine.

Z Axis stall nightmares

In most machines you will need to remove the screw in the small plastic enclosure to access the two bullet connectors. If you find one that fits in there do me two favors, let me know where you got it, and keep a hold of the one you have! Verify that the FFC cable does not drag on the Y-motor heatsink when the Z-truck is pushed all the way to the left hand side.

You can’t have everything. You will want to know whether the pattern needs to move Towards the keypad side of the machine or Away from the keypad side of the machine to achieve proper centering. Then install the bearing with the screw into the hole and put a bit of blue locktite on the screw. Turn the core by hand and feel for resistance of the motor. Can you explain more carefully? There were just to many hours of trying to fix it and phone calls to type here. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


Z Axis stall nightmares on Fri Aug 28, 9: With my dust hood, it stays in when I change bits.

CarveWright service replace y-truck Pages 1 – 16 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

There are three calibration settings that can be changed by the user: See Figure 16 and 17 for a comparisonof a properly and improperly assembled roller. In this first step start the thread but do not tighten it.

Use a magnetic tipped screwdriver if possible to avoid dropping replacemejt screws into the machine. The Metal to metal caused the rubber to melt and almost catch on fire.

I can do it later not during a rush project. Replacemeent have had my first unit over 2 years. A screen will then appear that prompts you to input whether the pattern needs to be moved Towards the Keypad option 1 or Away from the keypad option 2 for proper centering.

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In some machines there will be one on both cables, but on most machines you will only find one on the Head Cable Harness. The two long screws go in the vertical locations.

Calibrating the Y-Axis You will want to consider calibrating the Y-axis if you are consistently getting an incorrect board width measurement or if you are seeing an offset in the centering of a project in the side-to-side direction. The Flex Shaft being all metal looks different and does the Z Truck that is the piece that the Bearing broke off of.


Looking repladement the carewright in the top cover, locate the flexshaft receptacle on the top of the Z-truck. I am a happy CarveWright user and have 3 machines. First push the Z-tuck to its lowest vertical position. However Al, I’m really nice too.

Alternate tightening each roller only slightly to balance the preloading. For this repair we want to avoid disconnecting this carvewrigbt if possible.

At one time they offered to sell me one, which I accepted, but they didn’t send it to me. It is a FEEL that took me 3 snaps to find. See Picture 3 and Picture 4 in Appendix A for further clarification.

Move the Z-truck to the very top of its travel until it reaches the hard stop so that the flexshaft support tube protrudes from the head cover See Figure 2. I guess if I ever must have something carved by one I’ll find someone like you to do the work.

Are there any other parts that I should replace at this juncture? Loosen, but do not remove, the Y-belt tensioner plate screw. Thanks for the info though, Carvweright can now cross that machine off my wish list.

I have made carveqright own after the one broke that came with my Rock chuck. Looks to me like another gimmick I’ll cross off my wish list. The adjustable roller studs are made such that the screw hole is off center of the central bearing axis. I have a complete machine shop as well as wood. Repeat the cut test and repeat the calibration steps as necessary.

You carvewrighr also lay the cover over the side as shown in Picture 1 of Appendix A.