Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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Networ,ers Policy Networking We will discuss CiscoAssure Policy networking and how it provides the basis for centralized policy control and enables deployment and enforcement of enterprise-wide policies for QoS and Security.

In this month’s presentation, we’ll discuss the underlying concepts and procedures involved in designing or assessing the availability of any network-based information system.

This presentation will explore the test preparation process and while its focus is primarily on the CCNA certification it is applicable to almost all Cisco certifications. Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Alternatives: Lammle has authored over 25 presentation on Cisco certification subjects.

The NAC Appliance, available as Cisco Clean Access, provides rapid deployment with self-contained endpoint assessment, policy management, and remediation services. It makes it hard to absorb extremely technical content.

After this session, you will be able to configure and troubleshoot the MRA solution with ease and time to spare. This technologies in this session are mostly vendor agnostic, with an insight into how these are applied via csico Nexus series of switches. You have diversified your connections to the internet. Integrated Routing and Traffic Analysis. The scenarios have altered somewhat, of course, but only in the details.


During your IPv6 deployment, various unexplained addressing and access issues have started to occur, some of the issues could be: Specific attention will be given to technologies supported in Nexus but not in Catalyst.

As with Dynamips, the routers that you create in your simulations actually run IOS so you are not limited in what commands the simulator will run. When your Data T1 didn’t work you had to prove that the equipment wasn’t the problem.

The goals of the emulator are mainly: By the end of this session you will have a much better understanding of what QoS is and how it functions. Software features and design principles for each layer of visco hierarchical network model are covered. Since the CCNP curricula was more recently revised it reflects a newer philosophy with regards to handling Spanning Tree issues.

The Modern Security Landscape “I keep hearing all this negworkers hype about security. Cisco TrustSec simplifies the presentatioons and management of secure access to network services neteorkers applications. This is a 2-Part series December and January meetings and everyone is encouraged to bring their laptop with Wireshark installed min v2.

In this presentation we will show the similarities and differences between the Catalyst series and the Nexus product line. Pick up your GNS3 topology and router configurations here. This is a mini hand-on lab session so bring your laptop loaded with your Python tools and WLAN connect to an isolated lab system no Internet access, totally isolated for this hands-on lab system.


Contact What does Ethereal Mind mean? The second approach will examine the newest and groundbreaking concept of virtual switch in Cisco’s hierarchical campus model.

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ? – EtherealMind

This presentation will cover the basics behind IPv6, standards that exists today, current network deployments, and Cisco’s position regarding support of IPv6.

This meeting will be more of a demonstration than a presentation. We will also show how to enable traces in the components and how to read them.

Attendees will need to bring their Laptops with the Python Interpreter and PyCharm already loaded and ready to use.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free

This should be a good meeting – because you know how we all love cracking on the wireless. The presentations by themselves are worth the subscription. It will also introduce the audience to Fabric Path. Cisco’s Metro-Optical Technologies In this presentation, we’ll focus on Cisco’s optical solutions for the metro market and briefly introduce the long haul products available from Cisco.

Packet Flow with FirePower. Audience participation is encouraged! And it will cost my only a fraction of what it would cost to be onsite in London, both in time and money.