The Adeptus Arbites are the galaxy-spanning police force .. Codex: Space Marines and Imperial Guard may be necessary to use this armylist. This is a massive, home-brew codex for the Adeptus Arbites for the 5th Edition of Warhammer 40, It includes rules for fielding an entire army of Adeptus. It took a little while, as I wanted to adapt both to the new 7th Edition rules as well as the new 7th Edition Codex Format, but I have now finished.

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Army Role; Unit Name Source: The overall leader of the Adeptus Arbites is the Grand Provost Marshalwho represents the organization on the Arbittes Imperialis and oversees the organization at the Hall of Judgement on Terra. Standard personal weaponry is the Arbites combat shotgunboltgungrenade launchersuppression shield and the power maul.

The courthouses are equipped to be self-sufficient and to support a complete Arbites army.

It is not quite as streamlined as my 6th Edition version, due mostly to how much 7th Edition has pushed back toward narrative gameplay, but it is not quite as all-encompassing and thorough as my old 5th Abrites version either. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely.

This is batman after all, it would mean 1 assault cannon wouldn’t kill him ok Several functions may not work. I’d actually like to see Suppressors as yet another kit option for the basic Troops squad — but then I think the baseline Arbites trooper should arrbites WS: Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.


Life is literally to the Arbites the Emperor’s currency. Interesting ideas, but I don’t think I want to extend the “family”. It’s pretty much pro-quality codex when it comes to layout, arts and content. Multiple thin coats are always better than one thick coat. Chapter Approved Warhammer Homebrew. The Arbites are like the FBI and Interpol of the 40K universe, they take on the cases with interplanetary criminals or crimes against the Imperial laws instead just the local planetary laws.

The new Sick Man of Europe.

Suggested Codex for Adeptus Arbites Army?

Why are Patrol Squads and Combat Squads two entries instead of different equipment options for the same entry? Their organisation represents the soldiers and police of the Adeptus Terra. Inquisitionthe Inquisitorial Representative detachment from Codex: The current GW trend is to put Troops before Elites. Kept the weapons and wargear codex legal though.

Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Adeptus Arbites – 1d4chan

It looks completly at par with 3rd and 4th Eddition Codex in terms of appearence and length. Uncanny Reflexes exists because he isn’t an Arbites Officer any more – he had to ditch his Badge of Office which probably had tracking systems in it It’s fluffy, but given the range of a Webber, it won’t actually make much difference if you’re trying to stop a unit charging you.

Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features. Qdeptus gloves and boots protect the hands and feet, while the head is encased within an all-enclosing helmet equipped with a rebreather. Ads by Project Wonderful! It’s mostly a combination of trying to fit my existing ideals of Arbites onto an existing Codex.


Codex Adeptus Arbites for 7th Edition – updated 04/02/ – Forum – DakkaDakka

And thanks – I really enjoyed blending those characters into such an interesting whole. Some of them are even female.

Space Marines and Codex: In the event of a rogue Governor or a major revolt which threatens Imperial rule, the Arbites will brutally intervene to restore order. The Adeptus Arbites date from at least the Great Crusadewhen compliant worlds had Lord Marshal ‘s Offices installed to deal with ‘non-local’ matters. Lexicanum pages needing citation.

What do you think? Draws from Divination, Arbihes and Telepathy. Right now I’ve been playing with the idea arbihes a combination of Codex: I’ve only had a chance to quickly skim through for changes so far, I’ll try to give more feedback later. The rules are unchanged, the points are unchanged, because this is not a homebrew.

No adverts like this in the forums anymore. On the other hand, if the alternative is letting over-populated hives become horror fests of the worst sorts of crime, then it might be more cost-effective for the Arbites crack as many skulls as they like. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.