Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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In the analysis when poeems some lines from the analyzed poems will be quoted giving the whole poem in the appendix.

The reason for his cry is because he relies on his friend. Rather, Ethiopia is still in the pre-historic time. Those leaving Their denuded abode behind Away, who preferred To stay ‘We will return back xebebe soon! Smile and following your blog now! We are to know. Cwho is sometimes called, ” the modernizer of Ethiopia. IV, No 27, p. However sleep is not considered real like death line 5but it is pooems of which we wake up. Debebe Seifuthe late Ethiopian poet and academician, wrote poems exploring topics ranging from struggles of the working class to the great imponderable such as beauty and truth.

IV, No 44, p.

Major Themes In Ethiopian Poetry In English From | D Seifu –

There are only some points that account for their praise of nature. Theses There are two research papers on Ethiopian poetry in English. Watch, and out of your poejs outfit brother Feel part of the work of art Walk in laughter, walk in rhythm, walk tall Walk free, walk naked 35 Let the roots of your motherland caress your body Let the naked skin absorb the home-sun and shine ebony. This poem in addition to telling the good side of their friend, considers his death as if it is a deliberate action to leave his friends.

C came a new poetic theme that is mainly devoted to the then ideology.


It puts into words about the usurpation of African rights and the development of strength through the harsh reality. From the earlier students poets we find some of them being influential in the history of Ethiopian literature.

Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

There are other poems, which have similar laments for their lost friends. This article was published in the literary magazine called something. History witnesses, there is nothing Anyone could talk about. The last line in the above extract states this idea. Under the issue of praise there are poems, which praise Ethiopia as a whole and poems which praise sefu features of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Poetry: Ke Axum Chaf Akumada by Debebe Seifu

It also affirms serious appearance of the African child for his right since the time for Africa seufu be free is coming. Why in a hurry to rest so early? Home-Coming Son Look where you walk unholy stranger This is the land of the eighth harmony In the rainbow: Based on this poem also the researcher states that the poet has a strong dread to nature itself. After words English was accepted as, ” the official foreign language of the country.

But before all this, ” The early years of the student movements were characterized by the struggle for a free press and free union” Ibid, The tide of glory flowing Look at him also listening The clock of freedom striking Ibid These lines assert that Africans are now conscious of their right and the need to struggle. But once I had a true name Black Mother A name like the mighty spirit of Chaka A name like the spirit of Herereo, of Namaqua Of Zululand, of Matabeleeā€¦ 20 I was not the abortive debebd of your rapid womb then I was one of the strongest sons of your tribes, then I was the home of the glory of your age-old rituals The home of the glory of your tribal dances, of your Wars 25 Of the mystery of sefu witchcraft The home of the glory of your free laughter that xeifu are proud of.


So, we understand from the lines that he has developed frustration. The Theme of Praise and Criticism 56 4. The poem after having mentioned the good sides of the man indicates that the world cries badly for it lost a man of many good tasks. Death is coldness, blackness, and rot that changes the human body into either sseifu. In this annotated bibliography the writer does not give analysis or commentary on the poems.

And the remedy for this, ppems pointed by the poet, is to know and accept the past values. IO have always loved Debebe.

When Meskersem dawns At the heels of rain Qaetemas on riverbanks And Meskel-flowers that glow with sheen Paint the smiling world with gold and green Ibid These lines reflect the beauty of the landscape in the month of Meskerem. And especially the recurrent subject matters that have been depicted through the poems invite one to focus on the major themes of the poems of this period.

Hugh and HarmenWilliam He believes and hopes he would find what he wants and will be free from his tension. XI, No 1, p. The reasons to create emotional sense for its subject matter is just to create images of real appearance.

The first one is Debebe Seifu’s MA. Though many a moon has been borne and gone Seofu a dreary summer returned and passed He denotes that Ethiopia is a country of high mountains, a symbol of African liberty, a land of various landscapes and a land of warriors.