na Administração Pública: Uma Análise Bibliométrica a Partir do Decreto Lei / An AnalysisBibliometric the Breaking of Decree Law 5,/ Decreto-Lei /98 – Estabelece normas, critérios e objectivos de qualidade com a finalidade de proteger o meio aquático e melhorar a. Decreto Nº Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Mapa Mental Resumo Licitacoes. Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Questões Decretos e

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Following hydrogen peroxide treatment in CMT-U27 cells under normal oxygen conditions, galectin-3 left the cytoplasm and was mainly localized in the nucleus. The combination of components such as the legalistic and formal culture in the public administration, cultural traits such as patrimonial assets and individualism when “contrasted with the idealized attributes of professional bureaucracy such as impersonality and merit” will result in a complex environment for people management Schikmann,p.

The public sector is not exempt from this process, and its adaptation to the context of multiple transformations is increasingly required Bergue, Such experiments are a consequence of the association between academic development and management, in which PROGEP’s own technical-administrative staff, mobilized by sector issues, have proposed to deepen their own thematic development. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. It is horizontal when the alignment of the people management subsystems is considered.

Galectin-3 might be an interesting target to overcome this [ 67 ]. It has been demonstrated that hypoxia-related changes are associated to poor prognosis and to increased chemo and radiotherapy resistance [ 18 ]. Blue color shows the nucleus stained by DAPI.

Hypoxia-induced expression of galectin-3 in mammary tumor xenografts Nude mice solid tumor xenografts often display necrosis, presumably due to the existence of highly hypoxic areas [ 39 ].

Dual activities of galectin-3 in human prostate cancer: Consequently, wide areas of decgeto emerge, with very low oxygen tensions and large amounts of metabolic wastes [ 18 ]. The Journal of pathology. Support Center Support Center.

The majority of respondents considered that the implementation of the model was in its initial stage, since two out of the four subsystems planned, competency-based performance management and competency-based training, had been carried out.


High levels of galectin-3 expression were found in tumor areas surrounding necrotic tissue Fig 5A as well as in lung micro metastases Fig 5B. Actin levels were used to decrwto protein amount, and quantification of western blots was performed using Gs calibrated dimensitometer Bio Rad.

Galectin-3—a jack-of-all-trades in cancer. Semi-structured interviews were also carried out with the employees of the personnel management departments in order to identify how organizational practices were articulated with the organizational competencies outlined a priori – through the strategic planning of the organization and survey of the perceptions of the employees on the factors conducive to the emergence decerto collective competencies.

Tumor suppressor p16INK4a—modulator of glycomic profile and galectin-1 expression to increase susceptibility to carbohydrate-dependent induction of anoikis in pancreatic carcinoma cells. In situ hybridization confirmed that galectin-3 transcription was in fact increased in the tumor cells from hypoxic regions. Previous studies yielded contradictory results. Currently, Derceto is in the process of designing a system that supports people management and, in addition, is able to supplement the proposed evaluation stage.

Galectin-3, a well-studied leei of the beta-galactoside-binding animal family of lectins has been implicated in multiple steps of metastasis as cell-cell and cell-ECM adhesion, promotion of angiogenesis, cell proliferation and resistance to apoptosis.

Galectin-3 induces endothelial cell morphogenesis and angiogenesis. In the specific case of Brazil, the authors mention that the state reforms followed the managerial perspective according to which management practices prevailing in the private devreto were taken as reference and transposed to the public sector in order to promote greater efficiency in the state administration and focus on results.

Hypoxia Up-Regulates Galectin-3 in Mammary Tumor Progression and Metastasis

However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.


Journal of clinical oncology: Galectin-3 translocates to the perinuclear membranes and inhibits cytochrome c release from the mitochondria. Open in a lwi window.

Galectin-3 phosphorylation is involved in its nuclear transport [ 6 ]. Preconditioning of the tumor vasculature and tumor cells by intermittent hypoxia: In order to demonstrate the putative role of hypoxia in regulating galectin-3 expression in canine mammary tumors CMTin vitro and in leii studies were performed.

Slides were analyzed with a Zeiss fluorescence microscope. In line with the authors mentioned above, Ruas associates the notion of competency with the socioeconomic scenario and the concept of event. The competencies listed and used in the management system were identified through documentary research regarding the PDI – Institutional Development Plan of the university – in which the following organizational environments dictated by Decree No.

To further assess galectin-3 mRNA expression by cells under hypoxic conditions 0. RAP, 34 3 There was an isolated presence of attributes and sources of creation of collective competencies, which proved to be insufficient to determine their 570 in the organizations under analysis. To assess a putative effect of hypoxia and oxidative stress on 57077 subcellular location of ,ei, we analyzed galectin-3 and GLUT-1 double-labeled cells under a confocal microscope Fig 3.

Hypoxia Up-Regulates Galectin-3 in Mammary Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Galectin-3 was increased in CMT-U27 cells under hypoxia 1. Co-expression of galectin-3 and GLUT-1 in cell subpopulations of highly hypoxic areas in primary tumors and well-established metastases Tumor xenograft models present an overly rapid volume doubling time, often failing to model key steps of the metastatic process. Cell-type-specific regulation of degradation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha: Salvador, BA, Brazil, Regarding the sources of competencies, Table 2 deecreto the interviewees’ perceptions regarding aspects related to individuals: