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As the creators of a technology that is capable of reversing the fortunes of those living in this world, they control the largest and fpg the safest sections of open land in the world of Highpoint. Search Goodman Games Search for: This page does not exist.

Dragonmech RPG

Man-powered Mechs – These are powered by slaves turning cranks and pedalling belts to keep the mech going. Tags separate by space: Sign up dratonmech our mailing list for news, previews, and deals! Tell us what you found! Standard UK delivery is currently freeno matter how many items you have in your basket.

Dragonmech RPG|Goodman Games

Share this product with your friends and family! Favored among orcs, who use this as their primary mechs. Worse still, Lunar Gods are coming into contact with the earthly dratonmech, and waging war against them.

Although from halfling stock, they are rapidly evolving to be their own distinct race. Elves – The Elves have their part in this world as well, but their role is in fact emotionally similar to that of the Drgaonmech in Lord of the Rings- that their time is passing and their way of life all but gone.


Second Age of Walkers setting sourcebook. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: It is one of the most effective mech designs around. These regions are called Gear Forests, vast engine-rooms that have developed their draonmech unique ecology. Coglings make a whole society based on “Don’t get caught. You can find out more about delivery and returns in our help section.

It is a world destroyed by relentless lunar meteor storms called the lunar rain. His habit of casual betrayal, enslavement, and murder- however well he has managed to hide most of the proof- may well be the downfall of the only hope that humans in highpoint truly have, should the other races of Highpoint decide to finally take action and eliminate him as a threat for once and all.

The L’arile Nation, last hope of the elves, rests on Tannanliel, which itself is dependent on Tannan himself. Kingdoms have been replaced by mobile rpv, and the mounted knight is anachronistic in the face of steam-powered combat mechs.

DragonMech (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Undead Mechs – Rare, these mechs are constructed from scores of dead bodies and animated by great necromancers.

Dwarves – Many other campaigns characterize the dragknmech as a dying breed, a race for whom many of their ancient and legendary strongholds have been overrun, with little hope of recovery. Emails are dpg by Constant Contact. But in this campaign, while they have suffered disastrously from refugee invasions, their innovation has in fact made them able to rebound dramatically, catapulting them into a level of political and social power rarely seen.


Many in Highpoint are wondering what power the human nations will wield by the time the final citymech has been built, and support is growing amongst both elves and dwarves to deal with the Legion in general, and Shar Thizdic in specific, on a permanent basis.

The main continent in the setting is Highpoint, an unusually altitudinous continent broken into several levels of elevation, with the lowest area of it being a desert that is knee-deep in seawater for half of Highpoint’s odd day calendar. Most mechs in Dragonmech are powered by steam. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website.

Shar Thizdic is very much prohuman, a stance caused by the fend-for-yourself mentality that gripped the races during the early parts of the lunar rain. They are extremely effective, but also enormously expensive. Animated Mechs – A special kind of golem used the way mechs are.

To find out more about volunteering with Oxfam, please visit our how to volunteer page. Reptilian, tortoise-like humanoids whose heavy shells and armored hide protect them from all but the worst of the lunar rain.