The Qiagen Epitect Bisulfite kit converts DNA in one step which is followed by a clean up step. Following the bisulfite conversion, I ran a PCR using the. U can try EZ Direct Methylation kit from Zymo research. For formalin fixed tissues, u need to increase the digestion time as well as volume of Proteinase K. Both. during purification. QIAGEN’s EpiTect® Fast Bisulfite kits prevent DNA fragmentation during bisulfite conversion thanks to the unique DNA. Protect Buffer, which.

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Direct input of blood plasma and serum. Increasing volumes of these process negative controls were spiked into PCR reactions each containing a constant amount of template DNA. Accordingly, these eluates could be used to quantify the inhibitory effect of impurities derived from the different kit protocols.

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48)

Middle and right panel: However, the yield of DNA in plasma and serum are in line with concentrations described in the literature with serum showing higher yields as compared to plasma [38][39][40]. J Vet Diagn Invest. In this study, the performance of nine kits was evaluated: Accordingly, the availability of labor and the necessity to obtain quick results might influence the choice of a suitable kit.

Basic principle of the CFP clone sequencing assay for quantifying the bisulfite conversion efficiency of the bisulfite kits. The funder had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. DNA degradation is mainly caused by depurination and depyrimidation leading to abasic sites [29][31]followed by DNA strand breaks due to N-glycoside bond cleavage.

Accordingly, slightly different results can be expected when using a different test system, i. The CFF amplicon is free of cytosines within the sense strand and therefore allows for the amplification of bisulfite-converted and genomic DNA. Shown are mean values of triplicate PCR measurements.


Correlation between conversion efficiency and inappropriate conversion was tested using Pearson correlation. To investigate the DNA stability a storage experiment was performed.

Accordingly, this kit is of particular utility for critical sample materials where a deparaffination and re-hydration by means of xylene and ethanol series might lead to a loss of tissue. Insufficient lysis will not only lead to low DNA yields but will also kti bisulfite artefacts, i.

Each bisulfite reaction was performed in triplicate. However, only a few kits allow for the modification of DNA from challenging input sample material, i.

In comparison, the EpiTect Bisulfite Kjt showed the lowest conversion rate of Each bisulfite conversion was conducted in nine replicates for each kit.

D, Zymo Research, Inc. The potential inhibitory effect caused by carry-over of impurities from the bisulfite reaction was tested in a spiking experiment.

DNA methylation of cytosines within the CpG dinucleotide context is an epigenetic mechanism, which plays an important role in biological processes, such as cell differentiation and development [1]. Methylation of the promoter of the MGMT gene in gliomas allows for the prediction of the response to alkylating agents [3]. The appropriate lysis is essential with regard to performance in downstream molecular applications [33].

Open in a separate window. Two additional tests based on the methylation analysis in FFPE tissues already show a high level of validation qualifying them for clinical use. DNA methylation of PITX2 in FFPE prostatectomy specimens is a strong prognostic biomarker for identifying patients who are at high risk to suffer from prostate-specific antigen PSA recurrence after radical ectomy [6][7][8][9].

The methods for measuring bisulfite conversion reaction rates as described herein might be used in the future to identify the optimal reaction conditions allowing for sufficient conversion of cytosines but leading to only limited inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines. Bisulfite-converted DNA is mainly single-stranded DNA generated under harsh chemical reaction conditions which cause significant degradation.


EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48), from Qiagen – Labsave

Urine, ascites, pleural effusions, plasma and serum from 5 to 23 cancer patients were pooled. Accordingly, performance comparison of different available kits is not possible. Support Center Support Center. In summary, high bisulfite concentrations and high temperature at bisupfite incubations times will lead to a complete conversion of all cytosines to uracils on the one hand but will cause DNA degradation and inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines to thymines on the other hand [27].

Fixed tissues require an efficient cell bisulfige in order to release DNA of sufficient quality and quantity for downstream analyses. The bisulfite conversion was carried out using nine different kits. Each kit was tested in nine replicates. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In particular ammonium bisulfite is a strong reduction agent and therefore suffers from oxidation during prolonged exposure to oxygen.

A few DNA methylation biomarkers are already on the road to clinical use for predictive, diagnostic and screening purposes.

Accordingly, these kits are of particular usability when samples are processed which are expected to contain only minute DNA amounts, i. Curr Protoc Nucleic Acid Chem.

Nevertheless, the specific conversion bisjlfite cytosines to uracils by means of bisulfite is still state of the art in DNA methylation analyses. Extracted DNA from fresh and fixed tissues.

Table 1 provides an overview of the analyzed kits and their applicability to different sample types. Furthermore, the occurrence of bisulfite conversion errors [27][28] is an important bbisulfite and should be considered carefully.

However, Genereux et al. Am J Transl Res.