[email protected] IDM RBS Modules DXU IFB PSU-DC Ericsson RBS V2 MHz DRU DCCU FAN CONTROL BOARD . ericsson rbs manual повідомлень: ACER ALW не включается светодиод не горит. Компонентов, магазины, datasheet, pdf, размещение. is ericsson 6 sector rbs is available in india. I would like to know the maximum sectors of ericsson RBS Is it possible to configure that.

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The product is marked with the CE and FCC symbols to indicate compliance with the legal requirements of the region. The external alarms are defined at the installation. Optional Transmission Equipment The cabinet can be connected to optional transmission equipment that is mounted externally in a BBS cabinet. The RBS is designed to be transported as a fully assembled cabinet to the site.

Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use. Eircsson cylinder shape overestimates the compliance distances right beside the antenna.

Ericsson RBS 2216

Your email address will not be published. The exact figure dependents on configuration, equipment, and site-specific conditions. External transmission equipment can be supplied from the ericssno cabinet. As the antenna field distributions will differ, complete calculations or measurements may be necessary to establish the compliance boundary for other configurations chosen by the customer. The DXU is also provided with four ports for transmission interfaces.


For further information on calculation methods, see Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. The figures in the table have been rounded up or down to the nearest 0. Power can be connected to the base station in two ways: The external alarm device can set the alarm using either an open or a closed condition.

Functions automatically return to specified levels as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits. The RBS supports two transmission standards: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

It can handle both kbps E1 and kbps T1 transmission interfaces. Fans The fans must be inspected and cleaned if necessary every year. Expansion cabinets and racks can be positioned to the left or to the right of the master cabinet.

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The acoustic noise dispersion ericsdon for a free-standing cabinet and a cabinet installed against a wall were tested according to the ISO standard. Objects near the cabinet can reflect or absorb sound and thus affect acoustic dispersion.

The cabinet is tested for seismic exposure with a test frequency of 1—35 Hz. The long green connector has external alarm options from malfunction in the fuse unit. For dimensions, see Figure 1 wricsson page 5. The alarm device connected to the screw terminals should be isolated relay contacts.

Andrew Villalpando December 24, at Instead it is located almost at the edge, facing towards the centre of the cylinder. In the event of AC power failure, the batteries deliver the necessary power to the radio cabinet as well as to the transmission equipment, if used. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


For characteristics of an antenna recommended for typical configurations of an RBSsee table below. The current through a closed 0 W contact is 1.

All the files seems to be written in some high level machine code as I can not interpret it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Ericsson RBS | 2G BTS | Ben Freeman | Flickr

There is not much to tell about the power supply unit. There is some trimpots in the middle of the PSU when you have the plate and heat sink removed, the one sitting closest to the middle of the group of three is able to adjust the output voltage, so it is possible to set it up to just about Learn how your comment data is processed.

The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing.