available a transcript of Gelek Rimpoche’s Ganden Lha Gyema teachings that is Rinpoche mentions in his Gaden Lha Gyama, pg. ‘Jetsun lama. This commentary on the Ganden Lha Gyema guru yoga, the backbone of one’s practice, adresses Vajrayana-practitioners as well as those that want to prepare. This is a teaching on the Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga text, Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy or Ganden Lha Gyama, by the Sera Je Lama.

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Dri chhab is scented water. Khye nam kyi means by you. One starts from the heart of each of the three lamas, but after a short distance they combine into one. Therefore, when we practice this kind of guru yoga pha helps us accomplish all three attributes of the Buddha: The seventh is aversion to hearing unpleasant things, the opposite of yearning for pleasant words; a dislike of unpleasant words.

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Ganden Lha Gyäma: The Guru Yoga of Tushita’s Deva Host – Teachings From Tibet

Once there, he met many great masters and not only put great effort into studying all the teachings of the Buddha, but he also meditated on them, realized their profound meaning, and became so glorious that he became like the sun, completely illuminating the whole of Tibet with the light of Dharma.

Mig-me means without apprehension, without grasping. Please see your browser settings for this feature. So, Lama Tsongkhapa appeared at a time when these five signs were flourishing.

ganfen After taking refuge, generating bodhicitta, purifying the place, blessing the offerings and so forth, we begin the actual guru yoga by inviting Lama Tsongkhapa from the heart of Buddha Maitreya. Also the qualities of the Tushita pure land, such as the beautiful flowers, lakes, mountains and so forth there, are not just ordinary substantial phenomena, but manifestations of the buddha mind, reflections of the great beings who live there.


Jealousy toward the goodness and practice of other beings causes our merit and development to degenerate. Meditation for Clarity and Serenity.

This comes in these lines: So, Lama Tsongkhapa becomes smaller and smaller until he is the size of our thumb. All the atoms of that amrita are in the form of countless Manjushris. If a lama gives a student of small capacity a very high and powerful practice, it might harm rather than help the student. Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa was born in the Tsongkha region of Amdo in At the end of the purification, our body becomes gsnden in the nature of light, like a light bulb which changes completely from the outside.

Now that we have invited Lama Tsongkhapa from the heart of Buddha Maitreya, requested him to remain in front of us as a field of merit and to this field of merit have made all the offerings, including the seven-limb gandfn, from prostration to dedication, we offer a la.

All the non-virtuous actions that we have accumulated in the past up to now, from time immemorial up to this moment, all that we have done in the past…this is what it means. They are luminous syllables. Gyma, to summarize, we have reached the point of complete inner purification by the white light and nectar that emanates from the three hearts of the three lamas, which are combined into one.

Ganden Lha Gyama

After five malas of recitation of the lama mantra, if you have time and want to practice more of the lama mantras that is better. There is a particular recitation that starts with: The central figure in Tushita is Buddha Maitreya. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. The first line is different in some texts, where it is dag gi thog me instead of gang zhig thog me but it means more or less the same thing.


It springs out and rolls down and remains there in front of us. The fourth line is: That is the blessing of the ground, the place where you are meditating. Rimpoche reveals and explains many special practices, which are hard to find elsewhere.

This guru yoga and visualization can be so much more detailed, with many more things to visualize, but at the present time this might be too much. The great bodhisattvas and others who practice bodhicitta purposely take birth among sentient beings in such degenerate periods in order to help when it is really needed.

To be very precise, we can say that almost every thought we have had has been non-virtuous. The golden throne is supported by eight lions and on it are a lotus and a moon disk.

Now is the time for the development of speedy or quick wisdom.

For example, he made so many mandala offerings using a flat piece of stone as a mandala base that his arm became so calloused that it was almost like a horn.