When it comes to creating fantastic cities, you don’t need an eldritch tome crackling with power; you only need GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics. Building. Board Games · Home · Recent Additions · Welcome · Wiki. Subdomains. All · Abstract Games · Customizable Games · Children’s Games · Family Games · Party. We’ve limited ourselves to GURPS Magic, but those who have. Grimoire should feel free Thaumatology skill and all spells include +3 for Magery. . Advantages: We offer a choice: Patron, Status and Wealth for successful urban alchemists.

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GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics

The previous chapter was more about new elements for magic enabled by the urban environment. Shipping will resume January 2nd, Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at 3: I like this chapter a lot, but the one nagging bothersome element to me is that it assumes the usage of the vanilla casting system. Benjamin Gauronskas September 18, at 7: Chapter 6, five pages long is about interesting types of NPCs. The first section deals with the scale of the campaign, going from a single building to mega city, but no advice for going beyond that; that said, that’s probably fine because you can find that advice elsewhere and integrate the city into the mega-setting.

Sean Punch 55 pages. Discover the town where this magical institution of learning is located, including the vagaries of local politics, life for ordinary citizens, and the methods for dealing with civil disorder.

Or maybe it is just my hangup. You shouldn’t be surprised anymore if books keep being way better than the low bar you set!

The forge that forms many a mage’s backstory no longer needs to be relegated to the margins. Anonymous September 16, at 4: Looking closely at the customization notes and lenses can be thought provoking.


It talks about the idea of technology and magic clashing, and has some grups for implementing rules around it. Wow, that chapter title has a bunch of articles. The chapter covers a lot of ground, and a lot of interesting topics, but, and I don’t know why, it seemed a little “dry” thaumatoogy me. Building on ideas from GURPS Fantasy and taking full advantage of the possibilities opened by GURPS Thaumatologythis volume explores the distinctive nature of urban magic — how magical groups are organized, what magical practices a city supports, how cities make magic more effective, and how magic makes cities work better.

Five types of magic specific to cities: I wish they baked them into books on guros regular. Oh well, with that introduction out of the way, let’s dive in. Yeah, bumping this up the ‘need to get’ list a bit.

GURPS Thaumatology

Most templates have a similar sized pool of lenses. Learn about the real-world historical workings of a thaumatoology university — where classes were held, who taught them and how, and who took them.

Warehouse 23 will be closed December 24th, January 1st, But that’s fair, because they need some kinda foundation to build on; too abstract a concept, and the chapter turns into wool-gathering navel gazing nonsense.

As far as fitting in the line, this is obviously following on the first chapter of Thaumatology where it talks about the nature of magic.

Let’s GURPS: Review: Thaumatology – Urban Magics

Preview of the PDF. Thaumatology – Urban Magics. Whether organizing a mages’ guild, tapping a city’s unique essence, bargaining with the gods, or designing a magical city-based campaign, GURPS Thaumatology: Urabn does it mean in a setting where supernatural occurrences are common and blatant to make deals with ghosts?

Lights, water, power, and sewage — there’s nothing magic can’t handle!

Worminghallyou can learn the secrets of the universe in the morning and take a tavern trip with friends in the evening. Understand the curriculum and the specific steps in mastering lessons.


Sean Punch

In addition, it looks at the gods, spirits, and monsters that live in cities. This chapter is dedicated to building magic characters that suit an urban environment. What systems of magic would be fitting for a street gang?

Organization is what it is; there is no especially meaningful way to organize this content one way or another, but as usual, there is an thaumatologg if you need it. Uncover specifics with the supplied GURPS Thaumatologj Stats details and a timeline that will prove edifying for potential students and teachers. Thaumatolkgy final chapter is guidance especially for the GM to manage and build up a campaign from the fantasy urban setting, fixtures, and tropes.

This was one of the more captivating chapters again, maybe because I like the idea of looking at magic in a systematic organized way and that’s basically what this chapter is all about enabling. Privacy Policy Contact Us.

This supplement also includes: Explore the town and its suburb through descriptions of key locations and their more noteworthy personalities, including GURPS modifiers for finding each place.

I guess, the idea is important, but there is no instruction manual for making the perfectly interesting or character building extra details that make a city special.

There is a bit of mechanical detail here, and the mechanical detail offered is actually mgics cool in my opinion, but that isn’t the star of this show. Written by William H.