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EP0413916B1 – Elektro-optischer Volladdierer – Google Patents

This is accomplished by removing the row of full adders F. In most multiplication circuits, both multiplicand and multiplier are of the same N-bit size, and the product is therefore 2N bits wide.

Frequency division circuit for non-integer divisors after the manner of a rate multiplier. That is, typically the accumulator will add or subtract the result of the multiplication to the previous accumulated value. It can be seen that the tree architecture poses a serious Leitweglenkungsproblem. MS4 and another subarray e. Like the compressors in Figs. This is accomplished by removing the number of full adders F. The sizes of the subarrays vary and have been carefully chosen to balance the propagation delays so that addends arrive at a main array stage simultaneously with the previous stage’s partial sum.

With each extra level added to the tree hierarchy, the length of nonlocal wires doubles, so that whereas connection of level 0 cell and level 1 cells requires nonlocal wires 15 that are two cells long, some connections between levels 1 and 2 require nonlocal wires 17 that are four cells long and certain connection between levels 2 and 3 require wiring 19 which is eight cells long.

However, because tree multipliers require large shifts of data perpendicular to the data path, their implementation is routing intensive, requiring a larger circuit area than array multipliers. More detailed description of the symmetric and asymmetric compressors will be provided below with reference to Figs.


Only half of the connections between cells are local whereas the other half require routing through one or more intervening cells. A multiplication circuit, comprising: Implementing mixed-precision floating-point operations in a programmable integrated circuit device.

This situation requires an additional assembly effort, since each level in the hierarchy requires a different arrangement topology.

Representative connections of those terms to inputs in the main array stages MS1, MS2 and MS3 are shown by the arrows. The differently hatched rectangular elements immediately above subarray level SA 31 and the solid rectangular elements above half-adder cells 2C 0 and 2C 1 are also product terms which are peculiar to the Baugh-Wooley 2’s-complement multiplication algorithm.

However, since the total number of adders can be even more reduced, the more increases the number of stages which operate volladiderer parallel, the effect is all the greater, the smaller the difference in the number of stages in the circuit groups 7 and 8, and the greater the number processing of the bits. Particular embodiments are set out in the dependent claims.

The structure is a combination of fast Dreioperandenmatrizes.

Likewise, a combination of a full adder F followed by a half-adder H within a stage or even two half-adders against a compressor circuit C could be replaced, one or two of the inputs is set to zero. Such a structure is inherently balanced and the suggested use of 4: This implementation detail avoids having to provide a constant value in architecture. A regular map is easy to design and arrange, whereas an irregular map takes considerably more time and effort for the arrangement to complete.

Implementation of decimation filter in integrated circuit device using ram-based data storage. Patent documents cited in the description. The numbers in the figure represent the delays at the output of each gate.


The final vector merging volladdierfr conventional and is not shown. Several rules have been followed in devising those circuits.

Merkblatt: Logische Schaltungen • Alexander Pastor

The multiplication circuit of claim 1, wherein at least one of said compressor circuits comprises: With each additional level in the hierarchy, two additional Leitwegbahnen must be provided by cells also. The sum terms come from adder cells in the same bit column, while the carry terms come from adder cells of the next lower significance i. Another rule, which is followed for optimization of the circuit, is to make C out independent of C in.

Digital fuzzy logic controller – has parallel processing stages to operate on specific parameters for fast operation.


MS4 und eine weitere Untermatrix z. A 61×61 multiplier can be implemented with six main adder stages and a delay of only Alternatively, the accumulator could be integrated with the multiplier by adding an extra row of adders to the multiplier array and providing the two word result to the vector merging adder. Eine solche Struktur ist von Natur aus ausgeglichen und die vorgeschlagene Verwendung von 4: Multiple-precision processing block in a programmable integrated circuit device.

Consequently, tree architectures are faster. Any combination that follows this rule is a valid combination that will result in halgaddierer operation of the compressor.