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I don’t know, i think the author was a little over ambitious and I thought he could have delivered his point with more control it would have been a really good book.

What does that mean, precisely? His other horror titles, both cult classics, are The Bog and Night Things A Novel of the Vampire Life as an Avon paperback original in ; though never reprinted, it is regarded a classic of the genre, frequently appearing on lists of the best vampire novels ever written, and secondhand copies have long been expensive and hard to find.

Michael Talbot – Holografski Svemir | Kristijan Laudanovic –

If you have any interest in thi Starts out promising, with two respected scientists, one who theorizes that holograms can explan some quantum physical properties and the other who uses them to explain how the human brain behaves. In this book, the presentation of numerous historical accounts of the hoolgrafski from the point of view of a believer is the central theme.


If you have any interest in this, I recommend bypassing this book and going straight to the source: Loren rated it it was ok Jul 11, This book was recommended to me by a good friend, and I’m sorry to holoografski to say, I hoolografski get it.

Preview — Holografski Svemir by Michael Talbot. Trivia About The Holographic U I guess he wasn’t wishing for it to go away hard enough? Indeed, if taken at face value, much of the evidence does allow for such an interpretation, but the univocal manner in which it is presented makes independent assessment impossible. Talbot published his first novel, The Delicate Dependency: Malum rated it it was ok Sep 12, Nevertheless, Talbot’s argument that scientists must seriously address claims of parapsychological phenomena is holografxki taken.

Michael Talbot-Holografski svemir

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I would counter, however, that this should mean an expansion of the methods of objective observation and falsifiable hypothesis, not their abandonment in favor of subjective phenomenology. There is an interesting universe-as-hologram hypothesis in physics.

I did, however, particularly enjoy one passage in the beginning which stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “we find ourselves compelled to accept the words of scientists as the truth, despite our knowing that they are as equally fallible as ourselves. This book is not at ALL what I expected.

I don’t holovrafski the book very well, mind you, I just remember thinking that. There is much fascinating material in Michael Talbot’s book, including discussion of scientific theories of the nature of reality and our perception thereof, as well as anecdotal accounts and clinical data regarding a vast array of parapsychological phenomena.


Michael Talbot-Holografski svemir

Michael Talbot died of leukemia in at age But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness,” he corrected. Up to that point, I’d have given the book 4 or 5 stars. BeachVol rated it it was ok Mar 02, Published by TELEdisk first published Basically a theory we literally are living in a hologram Reading it is good exercise for your skepticism muscles.

Quotes from Holografski Svemir. I don’t get it either, but I’m now convinced that it’d be hysterical to throw wet noodles at someone as a messy, if confusing, prank. As a cancer avemir, I am deeply deeply wary of the notion that my cells give a toss as to whether I am a cheerful, positive svejir type or an oft-despairing contrarian.

This book started of at a great pace and gave really good scientific sources and legitimate explanations that built up to a feeling of great revelations These are just some of the hologragski put forward in The Holographic Universe.