Linux Network Administration I: TCP/IP and TCP/IP Services (Course Code LX07) Student Notebook ERC IBM Certified Course Front. 5 DAYS. LX LX Linux as a Webserver. (Apache). 3 DAYS. LX *IBM Linux course materials are LPI Approved. Recommended LPI Certification Tests. DonĀ“t hesitateto take a look! be: /training/be nl: /training/nl ITSO Youcan find courses about the actual topics also at. /

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Linux System Administration I – Implementation

Only one domain stanza may be present. The visual shows the result of the command “host www.

The advantage of this scheme is that a user is no longer required to authenticate himself to a server using a password, but is authenticated based on public key algorithms. In fact, this is exactly what we’re going to do in the routing unit.

We’ve already seen the Destination, Genmask subnetmaskGateway and Iface fields. For instance, because you want these two systems in a network, but don’t have the money to buy network adapters.

If you want to communicate with someone outside the local network, you need to configure the IP address of the router which connects your network to the outside world. Subnetmasks are usually written down in decimal dot notation as well, yielding There’s nothing secure about them any more, since every hacker can install Linux and run applications as root anyway.

The only thing really to achieve this is to turn on IP forwarding in the kernel. This document may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of IBM. The advantage of this scheme is that a user who logs in to your server uses the same password and password management tools as are used for PPP authentication. A “slave nameserver” is also authoritative for a domain, but retrieves this data in a so-called “zone transfer” from a master nameserver.


That way, you dont need to specify the WEP key in your operating systems configuration files, and thus prevent users from obtaining the WEP keys. Since the at-sign is a special character for DNS, it is replaced by a dot. While any user can query the status of a network interface using ifconfig, only a user who has root authority can modify the configuration of the interface.

The sixth packet is again an interactive query from the watson name server to one of the ibm.

Course: LX03W0G: Linux System Administration I – Implementation – IBM Skills Gateway – Global

Linux has full support for wireless network adapters that conform to the IEEE And even when turned on, it can be broken relatively easy. Preserve modification times and modes -r: The intended audience for this course is experienced Linux users who want to become administrators of one or more Linux servers. If “marcia” wants “john” to authenticate, their common secret is “dogs”. The three iibm important parameters are: RoutingStudent NotebookRouters can be implemented in software and in hardware.

Again, two resource records which list the name servers for this imb. Some of the problems that need to be handled by TCP are: Copyright International Business Machines Corporation With every router receiving all implicit routes of im router directly, they can, with a little effort, construct a mental picture of the whole network.


In fact, the DNS system doesn’t even know the difference between a host or a domain. The visual lists the control file for our domain. This does not mean that you should wait before using this architecture with Linux. Note that a name server for a domain does not have to be in that domain! This is statically assigned to a system and is used for system maintenance and testing. Since most people have only one, this normally is not a problem.

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The following are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the UnitedStates, or other countries, or both: If you only tell the hostname of a server to your users, and not the IP address, you are faced with a far smaller problem if you decide to move that server to another IP network. Thus, to get a valid email address, you need to replace the first dot in the email address with the at-sign.

Student NotebookServer AuthenticationSince the client dials the server, the client normally does not require the server to authenticate itself The noauth option is used for thisFigure Having a combination of clients doing recursive queries and name servers doing iterative queries turns out to be the most efficient scheme. This method has several advantages, but there is one big disadvantage: Add to My Learning.

A webserver will therefore always listen to port 80, for example.