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I looked for the Form online (IMM ), but am unable to download it. How do I obtain Copy 1 of Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM F (INTERNET)). HAVE YOU EVER HAD or NEEDED: Intended length of stay: B. 1. APPLICANT (or guardian) to. CIC’s Medical Report forms are the IMM (Medical Report Section A) and the . IMM (Medical Report Sections B, C, D and E). CIC’s Immigration and.

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These questions should be addressed to the immigration or visa office responsible for the case. These instructions cover a number of topics, such as the following:.

The number of panel members required may change in response to the local demand for IMEs. The Act and Regulations can be found at http: The panel physician completes the additional examination s or refers the client to a specialist for the required investigation s. If the system has provided a B-grade, it cannot be changed to an A-grade. IF a furtherance is issued on paper it cannot be completed in eMedical.

New immigration medical examination process in effect as of November 1st

An ongoing physical or intellectual disability affecting your current or future ability to function independently or be able to work full-time including No Yes autism or developmental delay.

This chapter provides panel members with a step-by-step method for completing an IME and associated forms. Refugee claimants who have been granted protected person status by the Canadian 54119 become eligible to apply for provincial or territorial health insurance.

Clinic staff must select the immigration category by checking the appropriate box student, worker, visitor, family EDE or refugee claimant in Canada only. Designated medical practitioner DMP was the previously used term. Health Branch officers will occasionally visit panel members to ensure the quality of their work.


This decision is final. A urinalysis is mandatory for all clients five years of age or older.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations

Tuberculosis TBtreatment for tuberculosis No Yes 2. The log sheet and tracking numbers are used to trace lost or misplaced records.

Thank you for your message. What is a IME that he is asking for? Panel physician must provide post-test counselling im all HIV positive cases and must have the client sign the IMM Since an IME is valid for 12 monthspanel physicians should remind clients to submit their visa application along with the proof of having completed their upfront medical examination well before the expiration of the 12 months; otherwise, the client may have to undergo a second IME.

The IRPA may be viewed at http: Evidence of substance abuse e.

The eMedical system will include the photograph on all requisitions and referrals laboratory, radiology, specialists and others.

The panel physician enters the information in eMedical and submits the information to CIC. Where necessary to establish compliance with the IRPA and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulationsclients will be asked to undergo further medical examinations.

Chapter 9 in the Provider Handbook contains important information for panel physicians who perform IMEs for refugee claimants.

Until laboratories are designated by CIC, panel physicians are responsible for ensuring that the laboratories they use: Frontal x-rays are placed after lateral x-rays. My Service Canada Account. If the panel physician is asked to become the personal physician of an immigration client, he or she should make sure that the client understands the different duties and responsibilities of panel physicians and personal physicians.

Renal Disease PDF On occasion, the media may become interested in the IME of a particular individual and contact the panel member for information.


Mental and Cognitive State Normal Abnormal In regions where eMedical is available, panel members and their clinic staff will be required to complete all IMEs and enter the results in the eMedical system, unless otherwise specified by the responsible RMO.

These updates will supersede the text they replace. Significant expansion of Canadian Experience Class.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations –

With the launch of eMedical, the IME will be conducted, where technologically feasible, in a Web-based computer program designed for the electronic recording, transmission, processing and temporary storage of the IME and its associated results. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

If a panel member relocates his or her practice, that relocation must be imm to the attention of the RMO, as designation as a panel member is related to your location. Skin and Lymph Nodes Normal Abnormal The following table i,m additional requirements when the answers to medical history questions show abnormality, whether the IME is completed in eMedical or 5149 paper.

This form will display the following: CIC has instructions to guide panel members in various situations. This includes continued or repeated deficiencies after notification, in the following: Panel members are not authorized to perform IMEs for CIC during the orientation phase; and Completion of training, including eMedical training where and when relevant, which may be done individually or through group activities involving several panel members in locations where they operate in geographic proximity.

Periodic updates of this Handbook will be issued when required.