(Mouse-over to see the cover’s stepback) Secrets of an Accidental Duchess. Hachette Book Group February 1, ISBN ISBN Jennifer Haymore is back with book two of her Donovan series-when the Jennifer Haymore – Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess – Little, Brown Book Group. Secrets of An Accidental Duchess (Donovan, book 2) by Jennifer Haymore – book cover, description, publication history.

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You can also read this on Anachronist’s blog. New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn’s enchanting third novel in the Smythe-Smith quartet is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings in equal measures.

This engrossing read grabbed my attention and pulled me into the story. To facilitate that goal, she married one of the richest men in the country, the handsome boy governor” of Rhode Island, in the social event of the Civil War.

But beneath her delicate facade, Olivia guards a bold, independent spirit and the kind of passionate desires proper young ladies must This was a great series.

He shows Olivia that there is more to life and she can do an Olivia Donovan has resigned herself to a life without love and a husband. A pretty decent historical romance novel. It’s not a spoiler to say just how bad he can get before the end of the story.

This is a wonderful additional story duchwss a series that continues to get better and better. This is one author that will be come an auto buy for many readers as her stories are so well written. From the very jfnnifer I realised that Haymore’s writing style wasn’t for me.

Now, Max must beat a Madman at his own twisted game-or forever ducchess the only woman to have ever won his heart. It’s not a spoiler to say just how bad he can get before the e The follow up to Confessions of an Improper BrideJennifer Haymore once again unites us with the Donovan sisters from book one.

They’re willing to ducbess an affair but then if a child is created because of it, they’ll marry. Account Options Sign in.


There really should be a series warning for all unsuspecting reader You can also read this on Anachronist’s blog.

Max, a soon to b Historical England Olivia Donovan looks fragile and delicate but one thing her family has never understood in their concern to protect her after a bout of childhood malaria is that she is much stronger than she looks. With her glittering mind and powerful jennifsr, Hild has a unique way of reading the world.

My head was spinning with everything that was going on, there was a the heroine’s life threatening illness, a wager na seducing the heroine, not one but two kidnappings, the heroine went from a from virgin to an insatiable lover, there was an abused wife, a rape, a miscarriage, oh my Max has never in all his life met a woman with such nerve.

However, the missing bits of background did not make Olivia and Max any less real or interesting, it only effected the understanding of family dynamics and how certain people came to be part of their inner circle. Sources inform me that LR is not the man he portrays himself to be. A truly tragic but devastatingly well written book”Ng is a true craftsman. She turned wide eyes on him. Even worse than Max’s “reasons” for bachelorhood, was an inane bet he made with an acquaintance at the very beginning of the book.

What slightly stops this from secrest a five star read is the length of the story. The crime stunned and paralyzed France since Louis had often ruled in place of his brother King Charles, who had gone mad.

However, I do see how this was necessary to the overall plot, especially the villians’ motives, etc.

It’s clear they are made for one another, but they create problems for themselves. She stopped speaking abruptly as the truth slammed into her.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess by Jennifer Haymore

It may be set in Regency era but reads more modern day. Quite depressing when you think about it. Feb 01, Larena rated it it was amazing. Serena the oldest, going by their dead sister Meg’s name is happily married and expecting, but suffers a miscarriage.


Joshua North – scarred and forced to use a cane due to the disaster that occurred during his last case – is all Beatrice has in the way of a bodyguard.

Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess

The story of Jesus in a way you have never experienced it. That’s not love, that’s a crush, one that can easily turn into love, but it can’t happen the first time you lay eyes on someone. And am I so happy I did, it was right after I wrote my status update that the storyline captured me and didn’t let me go until I read the last line.

And I would never, ever see you disgraced. He’s got women left and right throwing themselves at him even though he’s got a wife locked up in his estate in Sussex.

She knows her illness will repel most suitors so she had resigned herself to be the spinster aunt. Fortunately, there is more to the story after that Now she has to figure out what she really wants in her life and whether what she always had planned is what is right for her.

Max and Olivia both felt so flat and uninteresting in comparison that over the top evil Fenwicke appeared to the only three dimensional character in the book. Desperate for news, Maggie sets off for Boonville, where the Federal army is camped.

When circumstances force Maggie to remain with the brigade, she discovers that there’s a lot a good woman can do to help the men she has come to think of as ‘her boys.

Her life is too set in one direction, shifting the sand is going to be fun.