In the infamous torture memos of , Yoo and Bybee, authorised “enhanced interrogation” techniques (EITs), acts previously recognised by. Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo wrote in the New York Times op-ed that he had “grave concerns about Mr. Trump’s uses of. John Yoo defends his work crafting the legal justification for harsh CIA interrogation techniques and slams the Senate “Torture Report.”.

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But the inescapable fact is that war shifts power to the branch most responsible for its waging: His preemptive rush, in a recent op-ed article for the Wall Street Journalto vindicate the Bush administration’s torture policies that he and Jay Bybee created betrays his guilt for memoe one of the most reprehensible policies in US history — a policy of systematic torture that not only failed to provide actionable intelligence, but undermined the security of the United States.

Archived from the original on June 23, In foreign relations, Yoo has argued that the original understanding of the Constitution gives the President toryure authority to use armed force abroad without congressional authorization, subject to Congress’s power of the purse; that treaties do not generally have domestic legal force without implementing legislation; tortuer that courts are functionally ill-suited to intervene in foreign policy disputes between the President and Congress.

John Yoo oyo born “Yu Choon” Korean: Where Have All the Liberals Gone? Gonzales, Counsel to the President Re: Fear explains why OLC pushed the envelope.

In some cases, Yoo’s condition of “specific intent” to commit acts of torture is clear from declassified interrogation logs, which reveal systematic and prolonged efforts to induce psychological states of debility, dependence and dread, euphemistically referred to as ”ego down”, ”futility” and ”fear up harsh. It clarifies that a medical expert will always be present “to uoo severe physical or mental harm[. Arnett is the daughter of journalist Peter Arnett.

In pages of memos, the two justice department legal counsels redefined torture in a manner that required medical monitoring of mdmos EITs, but failed to provide any meaningful provisions to detect medical evidence of torture as defined by them.


Archived from the original PDF on February 8, Reflecting afterward on the Torture Memos as a cautionary tale, Goldsmith wrote in his memoir:. He has a sworn duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and to execute the laws of the United States faithfully, in accordance with the Constitution.

Debate Over the CWC: Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alitoas Biden “pressed Alito to denounce John Yoo’s controversial defense of presidential initiative in taking the nation to war”.

Navy general counsel Alberto Mora campaigned internally against what he saw as the “catastrophically poor legal reasoning” and dangerous extremism of Yoo’s opinions. He may not have a law degree or wield political power, but he has “personally led, witnessed and supervised waterboarding of hundreds of people” during his stint as a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape SERE School instructor.

Torture Memos

Retrieved April 23, But, later that year, an opinion was issued by his successor at the OLC, that changed the very narrow definition of torture from the original legal opinions of the Bush administration on this topic. Views Read Edit View history. John Yoo, case No. On March 9,after emerging from a closed talk at Harvard Law School sponsored by the student chapter of the Federalist SocietyBybee was confronted by around thirty-five protesters.

Retrieved July 30, The memo states that, through an analysis of those cases, jphn are likely to take a totality-of-the-circumstances approach, and will look to an entire course of conduct, to determine whether certain acts will violate Section A.

They broke the law; they violated their professional ethical code. We are used to a peacetime system in which Congress enacts the laws, the president enforces them, and the courts interpret them.

That, after all, is the teaching of United States v. While the letter states there is little substantive difference between the definition of torture in the text of the statute or reservation and in the Convention, most of the material in this part of the memo is dedicated to explaining why the reservation to the Convention is valid and cannot be overturned.

In the infamous torture memos ofYoo and Bybee, authorised “enhanced interrogation” techniques EITsacts previously recognised by the US as torture — and the same torture methods used on US soldiers to obtain false confessions during the Korean war.


White June 12, Bush administration, which ratified the Convention, was different from that of the Reagan administration. Accessed September 5, They advised the Central Intelligence Agencythe United States Department of Defenseand the president on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques: The memo examines the ratification history, and cites U.

Williams, Los Angeles TimesMarch 29, John Yoo in After summarizing the law, it analyses the elements of the offense of torture inflicting severe pain or sufferingand the specific or criminal intent required by otrture statute for the offense. He also served as general counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Archived from the original on June 9, Archived copy as title All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from May CS1 maint: He says that the President, and not the Congress or courts, has sole authority to interpret international treaties such as the Geneva Conventions “because treaty interpretation is a key feature of the conduct of foreign affairs”.

It discusses the language of the torture statute 18 U. For the torture manuals, see U. Retrieved December 2, Nohn Maythe CIA requested new legal opinions about the interrogation techniques it was using.

A memo on torture to John Yoo | Vincent Iacopino | Opinion | The Guardian

Unfortunately, he fails to mention any of the negative consequences of the policies. Forture summarizes the various methods of physical and psychological coercion to be used by the CIA against Zubaydah see next section, Part I for details.

In addition, on March 14,Yoo wrote a legal opinion memo in response to the General Counsel of the Department of Defense, kohn which he concluded that torture not allowed by federal law could be used by interrogators in overseas areas.