Kabaddi Rules Game Scoring Terms Sports in India. It is a sport played on a court, which is divided into two halves. The size of the court is about 13m x 10m. (This is the court style used in Pro. Kabaddi is a contact team sport which is generally originated from Tamil Naidu. kabaddi ground is (33ft x 43ft) for men and (26ft x 39ft) for.

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Beach Rugby league masters mod nines sevens tag wheelchair Rugby union American flag mini sevens snow tag touch tens Touch Wheelchair. When all the players of team are out, the game ends.

Punjabi kabaddi

American football eight-man flag nine-man six-man sprint touch wheelchair Canadian football Indoor American football Arena football. Punjab style kabaddi does not require the raider saying “kabaddi, kabaddi” throughout the raid. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat AKFI have made their own rules and has the right to modify or change them.

There is no outer limit. In lambi kauddi Punjabi: To make Kabaddi game more popular and entertaining Pro Kabaddi League was started in In India there are two types grounf Kabaddi based on the rules each one is comfortable playing in.

The term kabaddi may be derived from the Punjabi word “kauddi” Punjabi: The interesting fact is that till present all the kabaddi world cup is won by India. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use kabqddi Privacy Policy. Kabaddi is a contact team sport which is generally originated from Tamil Naidu.


Retrieved from ” https: The Asian Kabadi Federation was under chairmanship of Mr. The court of Kabaddi is not very large in a simple way it is a type of indoor game. If the team fails to enter within one minute, the team shall be scratched from the match and the match shall be awarded to the opponent.

Circle style, also called Punjab Circle Style is played at state and international level [1] and is governed by the Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India.

This game is also played on the basis of time. Mezsurement To Play Kabaddi.

Dimensions in Sports Courts, Fields, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basketball –

The anti who has gone out of the boundary only will be declared OUT. This game is also played on a time basis, i.

The raider will say “kauddi, kauddi” throughout the attack. In this section, you will be able to know the ground measurement of Kabaddi.

Dimensions in Sports Courts, Fields, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basketball

In the second half the court shall be changed and the team which did not opted for raid shall send the raider first. History Kabaddi was known internationally duringBerlin Olympics.


There is no referee. India won the championship, defeating Iran in the finals. Newer Post Older Post Home. The name of this game is different for different places some of them are given below: Unknown December 7, at By states and union territories.

groubd Two 20 minute halves, with a break of five minutes Criteria: There are a number of traditional Punjabi kabaddi styles traditionally played in the Punjab region. However, with the formation of the states of Haryana and Punjab in Indiathe same game was referred to as Punjab kabaddi and Haryana kabaddi.

For Menthe dimension of kabaddi ground is 33ft x 43ft. There are kabaddk teams of 8 players; one on one raid; and no player leaves the field.

Kabaddi Rules and Measurement of Kabaddi Field

The Goongi Grouund is nothing but wrestling between two players. The struggle will continue till he reaches the starting line or acknowledge the defeat and loses a point, or if he safely reaches the starting line, he will get the point. The game was introduced in Indian Olympic game in Kolkata Retrieved 17 March This site uses cookies.

Majha Malwa Doaba Powadh.