Last year I e-published an English translation of Dr. Kirill Yeskov’s The Last Ringbearer. The work got more publicity than I expected thanks first to a story in The. Kirill Yeskov. The Last Ringbearer. © Kirill Yeskov, [email protected] . © Yisroel Markov (English The Last Ring-bearer. 1. Part I – Vae Victis. The Last Ring Bearer cover image. Click images to enlarge. by: Kirill Yeskov. Books with a 0 star rating (0). Publication Date: April 17, Book Size: 6″ x 9″.

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He was quite against, say, the use of bombers in WW2, and thought the very idea was horrific, like the winged mounts of the Nazgul or something, as he wrote to his son Christopher. It’s not their fault. There were so many secret societies and spies that it seemed like none of them were that competent as they kept foiling eachother.

La idea es interesante, los personajes ta Advertencia: The concept was fascinating but the execution did not live up to the potential of the concept.

The Greeks pre-Socratic certainly were largely uninterested in our conceptions of Good and Evil, theirs was a mythology of Heroes. Anarion was the younger son of Elendil and his son was the first king of Gondor. The translation was done by someone in their spare time, just because they thought it was interesting, so no professional editing, which it would have benefited from — for example, the tense shifts all over the place, which drove me crazy.


He is also the author of the book “History of yfskov Earth and its lifeforms”, intended as cutting edge biology textbook for high schools.

Kirill Yeskov’s “The Last Ring-Bearer” translated to English

Take a story of political intrigue, spies and quirkiness and switch out all the names with characters from Lord of the Rings. Jan 11, E. Also, the story started out quirky and satirical, but then started taking itself seriously. It is written as a revisionist history of the events following the War of the Ring. yeeskov

The Last Ring-Bearer

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This book has been published in Russia, it was quite successful, it got second place on a science fiction festival only Lukyanenko managed to beat itit was good enough to be deemed worthy of translation to many European languages and translations were quite successful as well.

You get to see them develop as a couple after they first meet, which you don’t get in the original kidill or the film versions. As of he had 86 scientific publications. From this idea, there are some great moments, like when Gandalf is shown to be not the noble hero that Tolkien said he was, but a jirill who advocates for an ethnic cleansing, exterminating the race of Orcs from Middle Earth.

Perhaps a better translation would have made this more enjoyable. And while we’re at it: It makes reading the tale a chore for all but the most heskov irreligious fundamentalists.

You wanted a less valorous and courtly world. I don’t read Russian, so I have no idea how true it is to tone and quality, but the language is very very unlike Tolkien, probably deliberately. The bulk of this tale is a “spy war,” iirill the members of the secret services of the various powers of Middle Earth thrust, parry, and deflect.


The Last Ringbearer by Kirill Yeskov

His conclusion was that in such a case, the story of the Ring of Power is most likely a much-altered heroic retelling ringearer a major war – but what was that war really about? Company Information About Contact Us.

Though translated into several languages, the book has not had a commercial release in English. The Last Ringbearer Russian: At the end of the day, if you like stories that subvert the original source material you’ll like this. I think Eskov did a fantastic job instilling unique culture and characters into these regions. Beaulieu’s The Winds of Khalakovo? I like the concept and I enjoyed parts of the very beginning, but once Eskov moved past setting up this vision of Middle Earth and the events of LOTR from a different yeskkv and into plotting and character development he completely lost me.

An interesting premise, but it was hard to read. Return to Book Page. She is led to believe that her son is captured rather than killed.

Jul 02, Michele rated it it was ok.