Another way to look at the Hexar RF is as a grown up Minolta CLE with AE lock, metered manual, a wider shutter speed range, and motorized. Konica Hexar RF -. – View and. Download Konica Minolta. HEXAR RF user manual online. HEXAR RF Digital. Camera pdf manual. The Konica Hexar RF is a 35 mm rangefinder camera which was sold by Konica. . The manual rewind button, release catch for the camera back and cable.

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Batteries are always a concern: The Konica Hexar RF is an excellent camera with excellent lenses.

Konica Hexar RF – – The free camera encyclopedia

How good is the Hexar? Those gold contacts in the film chamber set the automatic DX film speed from the film cartridge, but you do have the option of manually setting the film speed.

Compare with a loupe. This is important because no Leica rangefinder has the convenience of aperture priority exposure operation. Although the Hexar RF does not presently have a data back, one apparently has konics provided for in the future considering those gold contacts next to the film channel.

Watch list is full. The new M6 motor introduced at Photokina is supposed to be much improved, yet the M6 with motor is obviously much larger, heavier, and more expensive than a Hexar RF with built in motor. The Voigtlander 12 and 15 are especially useful to spot if your Hexar RF is not up to standard Leica M mount gf focus specs.


Konica Hexar RF

Hexar RF body size very slightly larger than the Leica M6, with squared off corners rather than round, weighing just under 22 oz with batteries. Nikon F6 Epson R-D1 Two years later, Konica seems to have found a way. Activate the metering by slightly depressing the shutter release.

The film loading and automatic rewinding is much faster than with a Leica M. Add to watch list.

This is a nice feature, but a lot depends upon the display and how well it was done. Shipping cost to be maual by the buyer.

Body construction is a cast- aluminium chassis with titanium top and bottom plates, finished in flat black, with a rubberised mnual and slightly raised hand-grip. Konica made no comment on the issue, and continued to refer to their lens mount by their own name, with no reference to Leica.

Shutter release modes and film advance are controlled by a 4-position switch surrounding the top-mounted shutter release button.

Konica Minolta HEXAR RF User Manual

It was introduced to the market on 13 October For the similarly named auto-focus camera, see Konica Hexar AF. Canon EOS While some features are very nice and some are even unique in M mount, it’s still a camera which dies without batteries — a concept very alien to almost a half a century of Leica M users.

The lenses are supplied with caps and leather pouch.

kanual Other offers may also be available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I know of no other interchangeable lens 35mm rangefinder with AE that has metered manual.


Payment must be made within 7 days of auction close or negative feedback will result. On manual, the suggested shutter speed stays lit, while the manually set shutter speeds blinks in Red.

This page has been accessed 6, times. Because of this, the Hexar RF can mount and focus lenses designed for the Leica and other compatible M-mount cameras or, when used with an adapter, the earlier Leica thread mount lenses note that due to physical constraints there is no adapter to allow bayonet mount lenses to be fitted to a Leica screw-mount camera. Part of the answer seems to be that the RF was not originally a Konica design, but came from another Japanese company.

So far, I have received different answers from every Konica employee I have discussed the issue with. Exposure metering is through-the-lens TTL and thus accounts for the aperture set on the lens in use.

The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item. As a control point, shoot the same shots with a Leica M body you know to be in good shooting condition. Probably not of course, but there is no law against dreaming.