Koshiki no Kata Draft edit by Frances Glaze rev/29/ 1 of Koshiki no Kata by Noboru Saito. The techniques in this kata were designed for armor-clad. Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo. Koshiki no kata Tatsuya MATSUMOTO Kodokan 6th Dan Member of Japan Budo Academy About koshiki no kata Koshiki no Kata This Kata is originated from.

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Especially, this Kata seems to represent the noblest with regards to other Jujutsu schools. He replied that Kano Jigoro was right. This is a short kshiki genealogy of the Kitouryu School diffusion: The second kata Kano Shihan with Oda Katsutaro did start in ho low motion and gradually gained in speed with Uchikomi, Yokouchi and Keage. Kano Shihan studied Kitouryu School and Tenjinshinyoryu school. As a whole, it comes from the shape of the body Katachi and its use from the nature energy Ki.

If the description of the kata in that film is correct, it would be the only judo kata that involves attacking the cervical spine. This scroll of Hontai was delivered to the students of Kitouryu School at first.

Human beings always stand on their two legs. Nakaoka Sensei was an expert of Yokosutemi waza Ukiwaza and Koshiki no kata. Iikubo Sensei was a great teacher for Kano Jigoro and he always taught Kano shihan until Meijiafter Kano Jigoro became a teacher. Finally Iikudo provided Kano with a diploma of the Kitouryu School and as well as many scrolls. This movement looks like a simple movement. Some striking demonstrations of it from the s can be seen in the film “Classic Judo Kata,” by Harold Sharp.

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Kuzure-kesa-gatame Kata-gatame Koshikl Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame Yoko-shiho-gatame Tate-shiho-gatame Kesa-gatame.

Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo

Then, I worked as a research assistant at kosbiki Kodokan in Show 23 For example, I am in a standing position and a partner comes to throw me. He had relations with Yagyu Munekane on early time.

It has several similarities with the Kime no kata. Kano Shian did preserve this Kata by keeping these forms within the Koshiki no kata at the Kodokan Judo. As such, the kata is to be performed with both partners imagining that they are clad in armor.

It is called a Shinsei Judo Competition. Kano Shihan got a splendid strong expression, with wonderful force mastery and calm manners inside the Dai Dojo of Tatami. For other Jujutsu schools, this kata specifically represents the mindset and the theoretical principles of the Kodokan Judo.

Randori non forma e kata forma si uniscono e si sommano integrandosi armoniosamente per dare corpo ad una pratica di grande valore tecnico ed educativo. Retrieved June 19, It was also organized as a Kata according to a teaching mode. When I was young, I mata have learned it from Nagaoka Sensei more seriously.

In Koshiki no kata, just after the salutation ReiTori moves one step forward and takes Shizenhontai. The Kodokan Judo magazine published this lecture on April Showa 50 Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I studied Koshiki no kata from him during 4 years and half. All movements made a deep impression within the audience.

Koshiki-no-kata – Wikipedia

iata Let’s put up other examples. If you follow the right philosophy or principles, the correct shape of body Katachi moves in silence Sei. A method to throw a person more easily is to be able to put the weight of the person on one leg where the motion area is the narrowest. As a conclusion, Meiji 34 was the date when Koshiki no kata was officially named.


Judo Tradizionale Genova Education. Ude-garami Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame Ude-hishigi-ude-gatame Ude-hishigi-hiza-gatame Ude-hishigi-waki-gatame Ude-hishigi-hara-gatame Ashi-garami Ude-hishigi-ashi-gatame Ude-hishigi-te-gatame Ude-hishigi-sankaku-gatame. Each Jujutsu school did establish its ho characteristics of content and technique style. Finally the opponent is not able to throw me away. Retrieved November 6, Kano Shihan said that when an amateur looked at this demonstration of Kitouryu no kata, probably he would not understand what it was.

I still have in my mind the vivid memory of the fight with Kimura Masahiko at this competition.

Koshiki no kata

He studied Kitouryu School from Takenaka Tetsunosuke since his young age. It can support the weight of the entire body with both legs.

See more of Heiwa Educational project on Facebook. Views Read Edit View history. Ibaragi and Munekane got trained on the Zen Philosophy at the Tokai temple. But strangely he kosshiki not to throw Kano Jigoro by Nagewaza. Takuan taught Fudochi, Munekane and Ibaragi. The set of forms is antique and were intended for “Kumiuchi”, the grappling of armored warriors in the feudal ages.

Opening 1 Greetings from Kano Shihan about history of kodokan and his vision.