Stunners: The Mental Magic of Larry Becker on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master Mind Magic Collection Larry Becker – Stunners PLUS!Mind magician Larry Becker two decades mentalism al PDFLarry. Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA.

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Outstanding professional stage and close-up material is explained in great detail by their originator.

It contains everything that was in the original Mind Control, but reworked and added to and THEN it builds from there. One of the finest mentally selected card routines ever devised. Most of the items revolve around effects, rather than readings or hypnosis techniques, but what’s here is a goldmine of ideas from one of the most creative minds in mentalism. Stalk me on FaceBook! Our friendship has only deepened my admiration. Although his presentation was roughly copied, the secret method was kept from others until he revealed it to Docc Hilford before his death and now Docc is spilling all the beans!

Softbound, pages, fully illustrated. I haven’t performed any of this new material, but I can tell you that Al Zymer Graphology is a clever way to do handwriting analysis without needing to remember anything about graphology. After a spectator eliminates all but one, the discarded envelopes are destroyed in a paper shredder.

After pioneering the zip-code principle in the July issue of GeniiLarry reveals five of the many devastating routines and variations he’s created over the ensuing years: Click to leave a voice review.

Immediately, the performer reveals not only the word being thought of, but its definition as well. An unpublished, easily executed sleight that enables you to cleanly force a playing card even though the spectator’s choice is extremely fair.


Trouble with re-reading it too many times is there is too much solid stuff to use, and sooo many avenues of rework Larry leaves open to make it fit individual styles if one thinks about it. Bryan Follow me on Twitter! Also included is “Sneaky Too”, a devastating card routine that goes one up on the original. It is fascinating to read how some of his most famous effects evolved from great effects to outright miracles.

The Nostradamus Prediction Chest: Now, after ten years, you can not only enjoy this masterly work, you’ll be able to delve into the many variations, improvements and new routines created during the years following the publication of “Stunners!

Germany’s Ted Lesley baffled some of the world’s leading mentalists at the Psychic Entertainers Association convention with this clever effect. Follow me on Twitter! Becker’s material uses props. Here is what you get: You write three different predictions, each with a spectator’s initials on them.

And, when Larry invited me to write the foreword for this, his most prodigious and, alas, final book I was deeply honored.

Larry Becker – Stunners PLUS! – $ : Fantasystore!, The Art of Magician

I do own most of the items and it is nice to have the instructions all in one place. For magicians who want to make the transition, there’s no better place to start. This system took years to develop along with the audience-tested routines.

It just wasn’t me. Three different presentations are included. The material inside largy practical, use-it-everyday magic technique. I can tell you from personal experience that in any other professional setting the information in this book which is beautifully hardbound, etc. I believe that the spiral bound book is now something like a PDF Three volunteers randomly create a “phantom serial number” by calling off digits from three freely selected dollar bills.


Stunners! The Mental Magic of Larry Becker

The performer correctly identifies who drew what, and brings the demonstration to an exciting climax by duplicating the final drawing while it is still laying face down on the table. The book itself is now nearly double in size from the previous editions. I hate to spoil the party, but I was a bit disappointed from the book.

Apr 16, This is an outstanding edition and in my opinion a must for mentalists. Be sure to focus your comments on the product.

Consider that on average the mentalist can ask for and get MUCH higher fees than most magicians! Information of this quality and specific nature, that deals with an area of magic performance that commands HIGH fees, etc.

Two cards and a word are chosen by three spectators. A very entertaining routine constructed around television’s popular “The Price is Right” television show. beckfr

Stunners PLUS! By Larry Becker

Osterlind’s Radio Sum Total, which is described here, is one example. Believe it or not, the chosen player’s autograph is found on a regulation baseball that’s been in full view throughout. Parson Smith Inner circle Posts.