Context, Discourse and Vision of Lohia’s Socialism. RAJARAM TOLPADI. Five aspects of Rammanohar Lohia’s socialist pursuit stand out. paper to indicate Lohia’s attempts to develop an indigenous^ autonomous socialism as an alternative to Nehru vian socialism or Eurocentred socialism. Dr. LOHIA: TOWARDS ‘NEW SOCIALISM’. DR. RAM CHANDRA GUPTA. Once Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia said, “I have nothing with me except that the common.

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D thesis in German. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Oneindia website. Lohia was born to a family of merchants. Subscribers please login to access full text of the article. Indian National Congresssoocialism based political party of India. Later that year Lohia established a new Socialist Party, for socialsim he became chairman as well as the editor of its journal, Mankind.

To resolve the differences, a special convention of the Socialist Party was held at Betul in June For such resistance activities, he socialis jailed again in — But he did not trust the communists because he thought that they had always attempted to employ gross economic poverty for insurrectional pressure on the state. The only difference between them is on the forces of production and the ownership of the means of production.

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On his initiative, the first vote on a no-confidence motion against the Nehru Government took place in the Lok Sabha and his speech delivered at that time against the working of the government is regarded as a landmark in Indian parliamentary history.

Furthermore, everything that people produce is in some sense a…. Lohia came to believe that the methods adopted by European socialists for economic and political reconstruction were not suitable to Asian countries, particularly to India and Indonesia.


In his concept of political theory and practice, struggle and constructive work, democracy and civil disobedience symbolically represented by spade, ballot and jail are combined together.

The private ownership of the means of production in the capitalist system is replaced by state ownership in the communist system but labour as a major force of production does not benefit from the surplus profit, remains alienated and does not become the master of his products.

Ram Manohar Lohia

He, therefore, urged the importance of small machines which would utilize the maximum labour power with small capital investments. He pledged to oohia the Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps and met Jawaharlal Nehru in The only difference between a capitalist and a communist is that while the former encourages private property, the latter converts it into public property. In the post-independence period, he founded and edited the weekly Chauukhambha, monthly Jan, both in Sociaism, and monthly Mankind in English.

EPW looks forward to your comments. As a nationalist, Lohia was a valiant fighter for Indian independence and his primary concern was to rebuild India through principled politics, approximate equality, decent standard of life, capital formation through control over wasteful expenditure and conspicuous consumerism, rightful place of Indian languages, elimination of castes and time-bound preferential opportunity for the backwards.

As the President of the P.

Summing up the main objectives of Asian socialism, Lohia tells that it should strive for the attainment of such concepts as the democratization of administration, small capital outlay such as small machines, socialised property and maximum attainable equality. He wanted that the Socialist Party should place equal emphasis on vote ballotagitation jail and constructive work spade. Kripalani was elected Chairman of the party and Lohia was elected its General Secretary.


He disagreed with the Marxist thesis of forces of production, surplus value and imperialism as the last stage of capitalism.

As such, he came to be considered the father of sociaoism country. If there is no answer to that, it would be futile to speak of a law of history. But there were three conditions on which Lohia was not ready to make any compromise with the P. Industry must, therefore, be socialized and economy planned.

Dr Rammanohar Lohia: A Rebel Socialist and a Visionary – Mainstream Weekly

The third idea is also making itself felt on the world stage. He was a socialist political leader, a great thinker and noted freedom fighter of India as well.

At that stage Gandhiji said: Lohia was of the view that the techniques of production huge machines, heavy technology, mass production remain the o in the capitalist and communist systems.

Thank You for Your Contribution! Ram Manohar Lohia was a great socialist intellectual socialiam did a vigorous thinking and inspired the Indian socialists to develop Asian outlook towards the problems of the day.

Context, Discourse and Vision of Lohia’s Socialism : | Economic and Political Weekly

He wrote a pamphlet named ‘ rupees in a day’ when Nehru was prime minister. In that pamphlet, he had said that the amount of money spent on the prime minister for a single day is much more than the poor country could afford.

In Lohia left for Berlin for higher studies from where he returned to India in the beginning ofafter having earned a Ph. He considered himself a world citizen.